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Plan Your Campus Visit

View of campus with Philadelphia skyline on the horizon

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are unable to welcome guests to Swarthmore at this time. Until we can, we invite you and your students to connect with us virtually to better get to know our community.

When campus is open to the public, we welcome special requests for group visits of high-school-age students from schools, community-based organizations, college/guidance counselors, and other constituency groups at most times of the year. Group visits consist of an hour-long student-led tour of campus. If time allows, we invite visiting counselors to schedule a meet and greet with their regional dean. We do our best to accommodate requests, but depending on the time of year and the group size, we may not be able to arrange for a private visit.

Getting to Campus

Our campus is conveniently located less than 30 minutes by car from downtown Philadelphia and 15 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport. For those visiting Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, or Washington D.C. without a car, we’re also easily accessible by train or bus. Here is more detailed information on getting to Swarthmore.