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Location: Best of Both Worlds

Most college campuses are made up of spaces that surround you for four years but don't necessarily influence how and what you learn. Swarthmore's is different. 

At first blush, our arboretum campus will enchant you with its mix of world-renowned gardens and untamed forests. Soon, you may find yourself doing biology fieldwork in the Crum Woods for your animal communication seminar, researching how our system of green roofs reduces energy costs for your environmental economics course, or watching your friends rehearse a theater performance in the beautiful Scott Outdoor Amphitheater.

Want to relax? Your options are almost endless. Take a nap on the sun-drenched lawn of Parrish Beach or clear your head with a trail run through the woods. Hop the train into Philadelphia to chat with friends over bubble tea in Chinatown, or see your favorite band play at the Electric Factory. 

Swarthmore's campus is anything but an afterthought. Instead, it is a physical place that ultimately helps defines your inner landscape.