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Academic Exploration

Welcome to Swarthmore, an endless intellectual buffet. Our campus thrives on open dialogue, shoulder-to-shoulder discovery, and face-to-face exploration. Whether in the classroom or the dining hall, in your dorm or in the fitness center, conversations here tend to challenge, inspire, and enlighten. Mention your latest project to fellow Swatties—even if they don't share your major—and they'll want to know more about it.

Aside from offering one of the most vigorous academic experiences in the world, what's unique about learning at Swarthmore?

  • Your first semester is pass-fail, which means that you can discover potentially life-changing passions without being paralyzed by the fear of failure. Once you are freed from the pressure of earning a grade, you'll find yourself learning for learning's sake. When you finish a course, you'll own that knowledge rather than renting it.
  • Our one-of-a-kind Honors Program lets you unleash your curiosity in small, student-focused seminars that drive you to dig deep into topics you love. These experiences lead you to final evaluations at the end of your senior year, when you are assessed by visiting examiners who are world-renowned leaders in your field. 
  • We pair an undergraduate liberal arts environment with the applied practicality of an ABET-accredited engineering program. Here, prospective engineers benefit from working on technical projects within the broader context of subjects like political science, economics, psychology, art, and history. 

Until now, your education might have been a wonderful appetizer. Your main course awaits you.