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Writing Associate Fellows

The Writing Associates Fellowship Program selects and educates students to be peer mentors of writing. WAs collaborate with students during all stages of the writing process and in various disciplines. They work in conjunction with courses, and they staff the Writing Center during weekday afternoons and evenings. The purpose of the program lies in the desire to teach the Writing Associates how to talk about writing with students from a variety of backgrounds in order to develop skills and the ethical intelligence necessary to function as citizen teachers after leaving the College.


By participating in the WA Program students will learn how to:

  • Assess academic writing on different levels including argumentation, logic, grammar, and audience.
  • Craft and disseminate both written and oral feedback that is constructive and supportive.
  • Develop a reflective practice so they continue to learn and develop as peer mentors.
  • Apply learned pedagogy in written commentary on papers and in conferences with students.
  • Interact with a variety of students including English Language Learners, students with learning differences, and students with underdeveloped writing processes.
  • Mentor each other as they raise questions, observe, and share best practices.
  • Question their assumptions about writing and writers.
  • Listen actively in order to respond effectively to the individual needs of students.
  • Develop an ethical process by contemplating such issues as confidentiality, time management, and power dynamics within the peer mentoring situation.


By participating in the WA Program students will need to:

Gateway Course: During their first semester, WAs will receive a full course credit in lieu of a stipend.The credit satisfies a Humanities credit if taken as Engl 1C or Social Sciences credit if taken as Educ 1C.

  • Complete all the requirements of Engl/Educ 001C, which is taught as a seminar during the Fall semester on a CR/NC basis; one section will meet on Monday afternoon and one on Wednesday afternoon.  Continuation in the WA Program is dependent upon a student’s overall engagement and development throughout Engl/Educ 1C.
  • Work 3-4 shifts in the Writing Center over the course of the Fall semester. These Writing Center shifts will be paid on an hourly basis at top pay scale.

Course WAing: After completing English 1C, WAs receive a stipend when assigned to a course. For the 2019-20 academic year it will be $1000 per semester.

  • Work with up to 15 student writers in an assigned course, offering comments on several rounds of papers and conferencing with every student during each round in order to create a revision plan.
  • Maintain communication with the Course WA professor about class needs and expectations, providing feedback about different writing assignments and the assessment of these assignments.
  • Submit an end-of-semester paper reflecting on the past semester and establishing new goals.
  • Understand that Course WA positions will be assigned based on availability. If not enough assignments, we will find alternative work within the WA Program.

Writing Center: WAs will be paid hourly for work in the Writing Center.

  • Work a weekly 2.5-hour shift for one semester each year.
  • Submit a reflection piece at the conclusion of each shift.
  • Submit time sheets.

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend a mandatory start-up session once a semester.
  • Attend weekly Writing Program meetings.
  • Meet with the program director at least once a semester to discuss goals, feedback, and reappointment in the program.
  • Respond to e-mail and complete administrative tasks associated with position.