RA Selection

RA Selection Process for 2018-2019

About the Position:

Resident Assistants (RAs) are selected juniors and seniors who serve in the residence halls as peer counselors and advisors. They are available to provide general information and counseling, and to make appropriate referrals as needed. RAs also have responsibility for security, fire protection, and general safety within the dormitories. RAs also function as liaisons between students and the administration. There are six primary areas of responsibility for the RA position:

    (1) Promote and Support the Health and Safety of Residents
(2) Facilitate the Development of a Sense of Community
    (3) Develop Individual Relationships with Residents
    (4) Be a Productive Member of the Staff Team
    (5) Foster Intentional Learning & Development Amongst Residents
    (6)Develop and Demonstrate Ethical Leadership and Professional Skills

Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of the RA position include:

  • Reporting directly to a Residential Communities Coordinator (RCC) and serving on a "neighborhood" staff of 12-18
  • Attend Weekly staff meetings that typically occur on Monday-Thursday evenings (typically last one hour)
  • Attend regularly-scheduled one-on-one meetings between the RA and the RCC
  • Serving "on-call" for your community on weeknights and weekends, as well as performing walkthroughs of the community in order to promote health, safety, and welfare of all residents
  • Completing administrative responsibilities, such as assisting with Move-In and Move-Out room inspections, completing RA Concern Reports, completing program request forms, and completing on-call logs
  • Facilitating floor, building, and community programs that focus on wellness, community building, and safety
  • Collaborate with campus partners to bring programs into the residential community (e.g. working with Health & Wellness to create a "Wellness Relaxation Day")
  • Working closely with Diversity Peer Advisors (DPAs), Student Academic Mentors (SAMs), and Green Advisors (GAs) within the community
  • Serve as a CSA (Campus Security Authority) and Required Reporter for the college

RA Application Materials (will be available on January 29, 2018):

RA Application for NEW Candidates
RA Application for RETURNING Candidates

RA Recommendation Form
RA Application Short Answer Questions - NEW Candidates
RA Application Short Answer Questions - RETURNING Candidates

RA Selection Process:

Candidates will need to do the following to be considered for the RA Position:

  1. Complete an RA Application by the deadline of Monday, February 12, 2018 4:30pm EST
  2. Identify 3 people that can complete an RA Recommendation form for you.  For new candidates, you need to have a total of 3 recommendations.  1 of the recommendations needs to be any of the current RAs, and the others can be anyone who can best speak to your potential of serving as a Resident Assistant. We strongly recommend that one of your recommendations be of a previous supervisor, mentor, or coach.  Returning candidates only need 2 recommendations.
  3. Participate in a 1-hour group interview process.  Candidates will indicate their availability in the application.  Returning candidates do not need to complete a group interview.
  4. Participate in a 1-hour in-person interview (note: receiving an in-person interview is contingent on the strength of a candidates' application.  Not all applicants are guaranteed an in-person interview).  Candidates will indicate their availability in the application.
  5. Candidates who are selected to be RAs will be notified within the last week of March (March 25-30) (note: candidates who receive the RA position will learn of their community placement in their offer letter.  Individual floor placements will be determined over the Summer.

​RA Information Sessions:

Any students who are interested in the RA position are suggested to attend one of the four informational sessions, in which candidates can learn more about the RA Position, ask specific questions regarding the process, and speak to current RAs about their experience in the position. Please note that attending an information session is NOT mandatory.  The following are the dates, times, and locations of the RA Info Sessions:

Information Session for Students who are studying abroad for Spring Semester:
Monday, December 11, Parrish East Parlors: 5-6pm

Additional information sessions will be held during the week of February 5 and will be communicated once scheduled.


RA Selection Process for Students who are Abroad or Away from Campus

If you will be abroad/away from campus for Spring and wish to be an RA, you will still need to apply for the position by the deadline of Monday, February 12, 4:30pm EST. Since you are abroad, you will be unable to participate in the group interview process.  This will not affect your candidacy.  We are asking abroad/away candidates to respond to an additional question in the application that reflects on their abroad experience.  Candidates who are abroad will be invited to a 30-45 minute Skype interview contingent on the strength of their application and additional reflection.  We encourage those who are studying abroad or away from campus in the Spring to attend the December Information Session, Monday, December 11, Parrish East Parlors, 5-6pm to learn more about the RA experience after being away from campus.


Current RAs Returning to the Position:

Current Junior RAs who wish to return to the position for a second year will still need to apply for the position by the deadline of Monday, February 12 at 4:30pm EST.  Returning RA Candidates are required to have 2 RA Recommendations.  Returning RA Candidates do not have to participate in the Group Interview Process.  All Returning RA Candidates will be invited for an in-person interview with the Office of Student Engagement & RA Selection Committee. 

Important Dates for RA Candidates:

The following are tentative dates and times of required trainings that candidates selected as RAs must attend.  If you cannot fully attend these trainings, you cannot serve as an RA, as they are a requirement of the position.  These dates and times are based off of last year's required trainings.  These dates and times will be finalized at a later time and will be communicated in a timely fashion to all candidates who are offered positions.  We ask that you do not finalize travel plans until you receive confirmed dates of trainings, specifically Fall RA Training:

Tentative Dates:

Spring Peer Leader Inclusive Leadership Conference:
Saturday, April 7

Fall RA Training:
Friday, August 17th: RAs can arrive beginning at 8am (note: this is the earliest time an RA can return to campus)
Saturday, August 18th: RA Training Begins at 1pm
Saturday, August 18 - Monday, August 27: RA Training
Tuesday, August 28 - Sunday, September 2: Orientation for New Students
Friday, August 31: Upper-Class Move In

Fall Closing:
Saturday, December 22: Residence Halls Close for Fall Semester - RAs should plan to depart from campus on the 22nd or Sunday, December 23rd at 8:00am (if hired, your supervisor will have to approve any departures before the 23rd)

Winter RA Training:
Friday, January 18, 8:00am: Earliest RAs can return to campus 
Saturday, January 19: RA Training Begins promptly at Noon.  (if hired, your supervisor will have to approve any arrivals after this time)
Saturday, January 19 - Sunday, January 20: Winter RA Training (all-day)
Saturday, January 19: All students can return to campus at Noon

RA Selection Committee:

The RA Selection Committee, a group of SGO-appointed students and senior Resident Assistants play an important role in the RA Selection Process, as they provide assistance in the marketing of the RA position, participate in interview processes, as well as make selection recommendations to the Office of Student Engagement.  The RA Selection committee does NOT make any final determinations of RA hires; the Office of Student Engagement makes all final decisions regarding RA hiring decisions.  These students are very knowledgeable about the RA Selection Process, and are very invested in the residential community experience, so feel free to contact any of them with any questions you may have.  This year's member of the Selection Committee are:

 If you have any questions regarding the RA Selection Process, please contact your Residential Communities Coordinator (RCC):

Sarah Foster: RCC for Dana, Hallowell, Danawell, Wharton
​Asraa Jaber: RCC for Palmer, Pittenger, Roberts, PPR Apartments, Mary Lyons
Michelle Stark: RCC for Alice Paul, David Kemp, Worth, Lodges, Parrish, Woolman, Kyle
Sam Waters: RCC for Willets, Mertz
Isaiah Thomas: Assistant Director of Residential Communities