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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2004

Eric Acton, Haverford College

Generalized distributivity and nonmaximality in plural definite noun phrases in subject position [PDF]

Joshua Anderson, Swarthmore College

An autosegmental approach to problems in reconstructing Old Chinese [PDF]

Camilla Berretta, Swarthmore College

Studies of vowel reduction in Russian [PDF]

Lillie Dremeaux, Swarthmore College

Slavey jargon and the presence of French loanwords in Northern Athabascan [PDF]

Rachel Fichtenbaum, Swarthmore College

Contextual aspects of the passage of Question 2 in Massachusetts: A language policy and planning analysis [PDF]

Krista Gigone, Swarthmore College

Reflexives and pronominals in ambiguous English sentences [PDF]

Robbie Hart, Swarthmore College

The final frontier: Spatial terminology in Kiranti [PDF]

Jessie Johnston, Bryn Mawr College

Talking and chewing gum: Processing real speech variation with the featurally underspecified lexicon [PDF]

Keisha Josephs, Swarthmore College

African American language styles in Afrocentric schools [PDF]

Danny Loss, Swarthmore College

A few thoughts on the meaning of few and a few [PDF]

Grace Mrowicki, Haverford College

Linguistic economy and the typology of Turkic pronouns [PDF]

Michael O'Keefe, Swarthmore College

Akan vowel harmony [PDF]

Kara Passmore, Swarthmore College

Possessive-ing and accusative-ing constructions in English [PDF]

Sarah Tan, Bryn Mawr College

HTML in the context of natural language variation and change [PDF]

Emily Thomforde, Swarthmore College

Secret agents: Synthetic approaches to language evolution [PDF]