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Archives 2019

Congratulation to Liliya on publishing with her collaborator,  Brad Johnson a commentary in FEBS Letters titled " G-quadruplexes in fibrotic scars may open new therapeutic avenues for wound healing"

Congratulation to ArianaDanaJoanneLinda, and Liliya on publishing the huge review article in the Journal of Porphyrin and Phthalocyanines titled "N-methylmesoporphyrin IX as a highly selective light-up probe for G-quadruplex DNA". We worked so hard on it and are very happy to be done!

Linda attended the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, CA, from November 13 to 16 where she presented a poster on her beautiful THM crystals . 

Dana and Liliya gave talks at Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium that took place at St. Joseph University on November 9. Dana was one of the only two undergraduate students who gave talks. All other presenters were either graduate students or faculty.  Sawyer and Joanne presented posters.  

LindaDana, and Joanne presented their work at Swarthmore Sigma Xi poster session on Sept 12-13

The lab welcomed in August new Research Assistant, Sawyer McCarthy

The lab welcomed in spring two new students, Dana Beseiso '21 and Joanne Miao '22

Liliya spent spring 2019 on sabbatical in Bordeaux at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in the Mass-Spec laboratory of Valerie Gabelica (Jan - May 2019)