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Set Up Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves? | Why put titles on Reserve? | How to put titles on ReserveFilm on Reserve | Honors Reserves 

What are Course Reserves?

  • The Reserves program provides students with free access to course materials. Materials can be placed on Reserve for courses and Honors seminars.
  • Faculty members let the Libraries know which books, films, and other materials they're assigning. Library staff secure print and/or online access.
  • Students can look up their courses in Tripod to access materials on Reserve. (See Course Reserves + Textbooks for how to find print and online course reserves in Tripod.)

Why put titles on Reserve?

  • Reserves help provide fair and equitable access to course materials by all class members.
  • This offering complements the College's Textbook Affordability Program. By accessing some assigned materials through the Libraries, students can stretch their budgets farther without sacrificing engagement with course materials.  (More information for students here.)

How to put titles on Reserve:

  • Submit your course materials lists to the College & Community Store (instructions). The titles you assign to courses are automatically forwarded to the Libraries to be placed on Reserve. No need to do anything else!
  • For titles not included in your bookstore list, but available in Tripod, send your requests to and film requests to
  • For titles not in Tripod, use the Suggest a Purchase form or the Film/Video Requests form. (If an Ebook is preferred, make sure to check that box on the Suggest a Purchase form.)
  • Are only chapters or portions of the title required? The libraries may be able to provide digital access to the required sections. Email for more information.

Film on Reserve

Honors Reserves

  • Physical Honors Reserves books remain available to borrow at the Libraries.
  • To add titles to Honors Reserves, follow instructions above (How To Put a Title on Reserve).