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Set-up Course Reserves

Honors reserves bookshelf

 How to get library materials required for class on reserve:

Books, DVDs, Sound Recordings and Scores

If what you need is in Tripod:

Be sure to include:

  • Course number and semester
  • Citation information (including the edition needed, if it matters)
    • Feel free to email the information directly from Tripod!
  • Call numbers are helpful (but optional - and would be included in email sent via Tripod)

If what you need is not (yet!) in Tripod:

  • Use the Suggest a Purchase Form for books, sound recordings and scores and indicate the request is for reserves
    • We will purchase multiple copies if enrollment suggests they are necessary
    • We will purchase a print copy of ebooks requested for reserve
  • Use this form for Film Requests. The form may also be used to request a streaming option for films we may already have on DVD. 


Online Resources

The libraries are fully committed to supporting the College's legal obligation to provide course materials that are accessible to all. To that end:

  • Please use library licensed online journal subscriptions whenever possible. Librarians will help provide stable URLs, which may be linked directly on your course page.
  • Copyrighted materials must be password protected and must display a copyright warning on the first page
  • If a course reading is available as an ebook, we will link it in the course reserve list in Tripod
Film + Streaming Film

Use this form for Film Requests. (You may use the same form for streaming requests for films we already own.)

If you are interested in streaming, check to see if the film you require may be available from one of our licensed streaming packages, which have the added benefit of providing the captions required for accessibility:

  • AVON: Academic Video Online:  67,000 titles spanning a wide range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music and more.
  • Film Platform: Offers leading documentary films including film festival collections from Sundance, Tribeca and Sydney among others .
  • Films on Demand: Over 4000 titles in the socials science and humanities from the Films Media Group.
  • Feature Films for Education: Over 600 popular films from Twentieth Century Fox productions including many current releases.
  • Docuseek : Docuseek provides streaming licenses for Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films and the National Film Board of Canada among others.  Contact for more information.
  • Swank: Swank provides limited term licenses for many streaming films including classic and popular titles.  Contact for more information.
  • Kanopy: Offers pay-per-title access to a wide variety of documentaries and film festival winners.

The option to stream a film already owned on DVD by the library may be available in limited situations.  An additional fee is usually required to obtain a limited term (often 1 year) educational streaming license and permission must be granted by the filmmaker.  Contact with questions. 

Obtaining streaming permissions and licenses takes time!  Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for your request to be processed. 

Audio Reserves

Contact Performing Arts Librarian Donna Fournier via email or phone (8231) with your requests. Underhill Library provides digitization services for audio course reserves upon request. These files, accessible through Moodle, can be made available within three days of the request.

Honors Reserves

Communicate your needs for Honors reserves as you would for general, course reserves (in the section Books. DVDs, Sound Recordings and Scores.)

Honors reserve materials are active during the semester the seminar is taught and during the honors exam review period, from April 1 through the end of honors exams.

Active honors reserves have more limited loan periods. See the How Long May I Keep It? section of the Borrowing page.

Selected honors exams are available to review here.

Reserves List Archive

The Reserves List Archive is a record of what has been placed on reserve for a previously taught course. The Archive includes:

  • General reserves at McCabe since Fall 2008
  • Cornell Library reserves since Fall 2012

For more information about earlier lists:


A Note About Copyright

The library is committed to fair use guidelines and copyright compliance. Librarians may provide information about copyright,​ (such as access to standard forms of inquiry for publishers and help to locate rights holders) but do not seek or provide copyright permissions, which is the responsibility of the person wishing to gain permission. See this page for more information.

For additional information, contact:

McCabe: Alison Masterpasqua (email) or x8478
Cornell: Andrea Baruzzi (email) or x7685
Underhill: Donna Fournier (email) or x8231