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Mission + Values + Goals

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Our Mission

As the center of community, the Libraries foster critical inquiry, scholarly discovery and engagement, and innovation and creativity - a dynamic forum for people and ideas.

Our Vision

The Libraries aspire to be an intellectually vital space for the College's research and learning community where a culture of broad inquiry is promoted and where freedom of discussion is cultivated. We seek to empower students to realize their full intellectual and personal potential by engaging in substantive and thoughtful inquiry, and by developing a critical understanding of the contexts in which knowledge is developed and disseminated, supported by a trusted staff with deep disciplinary and technical expertise. We strive to engage with the ongoing transformations of our community and of society, to be flexible in reconfiguring ourselves around the College's broader educational and research needs, and to promote the generation of new knowledge and cultural understanding in heretofore unimagined ways.

Our Values

  • We value the work of making all aspects of the Libraries - our services, our services, our collections, and our spaces - more inclusive and equitable.
  • We value academic freedom and individuals' rights as library users.
  • We value the delivery of personal and respectful service to our users in response to their individual information needs.
  • We value collaboration with campus colleagues and consortial partners and actively engage with the broader academic, library, technology, and publishing worlds.
  • We value the ethical use of information resources and encourage students to act as critical consumers of information.
  • We value developing the collection to ensure the representation of a multiplicity of ideas and perspectives.
  • We value equal access to resources for users according to their needs, abilities, and interests.
  • We value the uniqueness and diversity of intellectual and cultural life on campus.
  • We value environmentally sustainable policies to create a greener footprint for the Libraries and its services.
  • We value an organizational culture that is flexible, open to change, and willing to take risks when appropriate.
  • We value the changing needs of our community through ongoing assessment.

Our Goals

  1. Grow the Libraries as a locus of intellectual and cultural engagement.
    1. Foster the library as a forum for the exchange of ideas.
    2. Introduce the Libraries as an extension of the classroom.
    3. Strengthen our relationships with and perceived expertise by academic departments.
  2. Ensure that students develop and apply critical research skills.
    1. Align our information literacy program with institutional and departmental learning goals.
    2. In conjunction with faculty, ensure that no student leaves the College without developing information literacy skills.
    3. Demonstrate the educational impact of our information literacy program.
  3. Improve discovery of and access to the full scholarly record.
    1. Provide for coherent discovery of physical and digital materials.
    2. Ensure library materials and resources are equally accessible to all students, faculty, staff and other researchers.
    3. Enhance and integrate discovery services linking users to scholarly resources.
    4. Facilitate discovery of and access to non-local, non-subscription collections.
    5. Develop robust collections to support our curricular and undergraduate research needs.
    6. Facilitate discovery of faculty, student and alumni works, and College records.
  4. Advance the creation and dissemination of new knowledge.
    1. Encourage looking at information in new ways.
    2. Partner with students and faculty to exploit technology in research, teaching and scholarship.
    3. Create spaces which allow for utilization of information resources and technologies.
    4. Develop an open access program that aligns with the College's social justice mission.
  5. Ensure that information of continuing value remains accessible and usable through preservation and sustainability initiatives.
    1. Work with the Tri-College Library Applications Team and the Bryn Mawr Systems Office to implement digital asset management and preservation systems.
    2. Provide the optimal infrastructure for physical asset management.
    3. Develop policies and workflows to support the life cycle for digital content.
    4. Increase visibility, usability, and use of the Libraries' unique materials.
    5. Contribute to national and regional preservation initiatives.
  6. Foster a culture that emphasizes excellence and continual learning in which library staff succeed in a changing environment.
    1. Create a climate that values open communication and knowledge-sharing.
    2. Direct staff to engage in learning and development opportunities that support the College's and the Libraries' goals.
    3. Undertake pursuits that are personally and organizationally meaningful.
    4. Grow staff in new areas.

Adopted Spring 2015.