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Library Liaisons

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What is a library liaison?

A library liaison is a librarian who acts as a contact and support person for your student group.

How can a liaison help our group?

Build the library collection

Your library liaison will help you build collections that support your group. While our acquisition dollars primarily support the curriculum, student groups echo curricular interests and support the life of the college in ways that we want our collections to reflect.

Help arrange an exhibit in the library

Exhibits are a great opportunity to share the ideas, goals, and scope of your group to the campus community and McCabe Library welcomes ideas from student groups. Your liaison can help you request and schedule an exhibit.

Offer information assistance

Your library liaison has the expertise to do sophisticated search and retrieval for all types of topics. If your group has a question, you will have easy access to someone who may be able to find the answer for you.

Create Guides or Bibliographies

Your liaison can help you create guides that may be of use in your efforts to educate yourselves and others about hot topics.

Share information

As your liaison becomes more familiar with the scope and interests of your group, they will be able to pass along items of interest such as web sites, books, journal articles, and grant opportunities.

How does it work?

  • Student groups are assigned a library liaison whose interests and expertise align with your group. For example, the music librarian is a liaison to music groups. In this role, she has helped archive the records of the Folk Dance Club and supported an exhibit in Underhill about the group.
  • Ask any librarian who your liaison should be and get in touch.
  • Invite your them to a meeting or group event, get to know one another and see what unfolds!

More questions?

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