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Since 2016, the Lib Lab Fellows program has been an ongoing experiment in library-based learning focused on bringing to bear networked technologies on conventional scholarship. The program is guided by a critical and creative consideration of the tension between "the digital" and “the analog.” Cohorts bring together majors from STEM, Humanities, and Social Sciences to engage theory and practice of digital scholarship through the lens of social justice, ethics, and accessibility through open lab hours and weekly discussion meetings during the fall semester.


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Emma Garrett ‘25 is a sophomore from Florida studying computer science and psychology. She’s interested in teaching computers to think like people and using computational tools to answer questions about the brain. She loves to bake and has the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Headshot of Katie Carlson

Opeyemi Ogundele ‘26 is a freshman and a prospective computer science and sociology/anthropology double major. Believing that STEM and Humanities are interconnected and cannot be divorced from one another, Opeyemi hopes to design and work with ethical and accessible technology to help achieve a better quality of life for people within marginalized communities. When he’s not figuring out how to save the world, you can find Opeyemi playing video games, jamming out to music on his phone, and spending time with his partner.

Headshot of Katie Carlson

Nina Zhuo '25 is a prospective English Lit. major from North Carolina. They are interested in how assistive tech can be incorporated into fine arts and literature. Likes include Goodwill ties, perfume samples, and pistachio ice cream.

Headshot of Katie Carlson


Katie Carlson '23 is a junior studying Sociology/Anthropology and Dance. She is from Duluth, Minnesota, which is on the westernmost tip of Lake Superior. In her free time, she likes crocheting, cooking new vegetarian dishes, and watching studio vlogs on YouTube.

Headshot of Katie Carlson

Dorothy-Rui Corrigan '23 is a junior pursuing a Special Major in Interdisciplinary Chinese Studies and a minor in English Literature. She is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is interested in the creation and remembering inherent in language. She is still trying to figure out how to communicate "stop eating" to her cat, though. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading, and trying different packaged ramens with her friends.

Headshot of Dorothy-Rui Corrigan

Elizabeth '24 is a sophomore studying Russian and Global Studies. Her favorite part of introductions is getting to tell people that she is from the little apple: Manhattan, Kansas. When she isn’t studying, you can find her thrifting, reading, cooking, watching horror movies, or learning tango.

Headshot of Elizabeth

Nessa '22 is a senior majoring in gender studies with a double minor in environmental science and religion. She is interested in environmental justice and the history of science and technology. She misses remote learning a little bit because she got to spend more time with her cat, Franklin.

Headshot of Nessa

Jesse Li '22 is a senior majoring in computer science, and minoring in math and interpretation theory. He likes to program computers to make them do new and joyfully stupid things, and he is cautiously exploring the worlds of fermented foods and fashion design.

Headshot of Jesse Li

Camille Valentine ’24 is a sophomore and prospective political science major from North Carolina. She also enjoys playing cello, studying Chinese, and baking.

Headshot of Camille Valentine

Tolga Atabas ‘23 is a mathematics major with minors in computer science and Arabic. He is interested in how technology intersects with society, and how people as a collective can use technology in more effective ways to bridge existing gaps in society. He loves learning about different cultures and languages, so he makes it a goal to incorporate language into his academic studies. Outside of classes, he enjoys reading poetry, working with plants, and trying new food.


Abigail Bautista '22 is a junior pursuing an Honors Special Major in English Literature and Educational Studies. She likes coming up with bullet journal and art journal spreads, creating (and expanding) new worlds that probably will never leave her imagination, and watching anime in her free time.

Headshot of Abigail Bautista

Alex '21 is a senior studying Math and Spanish. He is interested sustainability, data science and knowledge management. When not pole vaulting for the track team, you can probably find him upside down in a handstand or reading (he hasn't figured out how to do them at the same time yet).

Headshot of Alex

Chioma Anomnachi '21 is an English Literature major with minors in Computer Science and Black Studies. She's interested in the ways we can use digital computation tools to think differently about race, literature, and organizing. She also likes taking pointless personality quizzes, trying out new recipes, and reading about Afrofuturism for her thesis.

Headshot of Chioma Anomnachi

Ellis '22 is a junior studying Math and Linguistics. They enjoy painting, sculpting, printmaking, and birding. They appreciate short stories, stickers, and knickknacks. Contrary to popular belief, they still have access to Hicks Hall.

Headshot of Ellis

Yang '23 is a sophomore studying computer science. They support Hong Kong democracy protests, and the liberation of Tibet, Kashmir, and Uighurs. They love cool things (nature, astronomy, queer art, diasporic literature, and great professors) and friends.

Headshot of Yang


Elvis Adorkor '22 is a sophomore and a prospective Computer Science and Mathematics double major. He is from Ghana, West Africa. He loves love everything at the intersection of Math and Computer Science and aspire to become a Software Engineer. Outside of his academics, he loves going to concerts, traveling, listening to music and hanging out with his friends.

Headshot of Elvis Adorkor

Matt Koucky '22 is a sophomore studying Computer Science, Linguistics, and Art History. They like reading and writing poetry and are learning how to make computer music.

Headshot of Matt Koucky

Michael Selvaggio '21 is a junior majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science. He's from New York, but not the city. When not being consumed by work, he enjoys making & playing games, theater, and self actualization.

Headshot of Michael Selvaggio

Rachel Lapides '22 is a sophomore from New York City studying English and Psychology. She's interested in the future of literature in the digital age and she loves plants.

Headshot of Rachel Lapides

Shayla Smith '20 is from South Florida and studies Environmental Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies. She's interested in ecofeminist theory, feminist/womanist fiction, and shelling. Shayla is a lover of cats, candles, and caffeine.

Headshot of Shayla Smith


Francisco Verón Ferreira '19 is a senior majoring in Engineering and Mathematics, with interests in computational engineering and applied math. An international student from Paraguay, he is interested in the intersection between STEM and the humanities and social sciences, which is why he decided to pursue engineering in a liberal arts setting. In his free time, he enjoys making photographs, reading novels, and exploring the Crum Woods.

Headshot of Francisco

He '21 is a sophomore majoring in History and Statistics. He is from Guangzhou, and he uses IP addresses around the globe.

Headshot of He

Ivan Lomeli ’19 is an aspiring software engineer majoring in Computer Science. He was born in Mexico and raised in Santa Ana, California. He enjoys hiking, free driving, and spending time with friends. Ivan is interested in how digital technology will impact the landscape of intellectual property laws and the implications of global digitization.

Headshot of Ivan Lomeli

Jissel is a junior studying History and Religion. She intends to complete an honors major in History, as terrifying as that may be. The history of empire, particularly French and British empire, excites her to no ends. In her free time, however, she enjoys playing bass, imagining the world of archives, and learning as much as she can about political organizing!

Headshot of Jissel

Jon Kriney ’20 is a junior studying Art History, Math, and Interpretation theory. His primary interests are architectural history, theory, and design, especially when studied through an interdisciplinary lens. He enjoys climbing trees, but certainly not Scott Arboretum trees. Absolutely not. He has a tremendous respect for those trees and the arboretum as a whole.

Headshot of Jon Kriney

Katie '22 is a sophomore and a prospective computer science major from Michigan. Outside of academics, she spends a lot of time dancing. She likes learning from other people, making pictures about ideas, and finding good deals! She hopes to ~someday~ work in the intersection of technology, education and community building.

Headshot of Katie


Amal Sagal '20 is a junior majoring in Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies with interests in applied anthropology, oral history, and reproductive justice. She was born and raised in Virginia and spends her nonexistent free time reading, cooking, photographing, and arguing with her siblings.

Headshot of Amal Sagal

Cindy Li '21, a sophomore studying Computer Science and Educational Studies, has been interested in software engineering and web development for a long time. Her dream is to travel the world, but for now she'll settle for the short rides from Philly to New York. She's also always on the lookout for some good tostadas and pizza.

Headshot of Cindy Li

Joseph DeBrine '19 is a senior majoring in Ancient Greek and Linguistics. He was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and likes reading, running, radios, writing stories, and the letter 'r'.

Headshot of Joseph DeBrine

Ziv Stern is a prospective Linguistics and Classics double major with special interest in morphology, philology, and computational linguistics. He has a lot of ideas for coding projects on Latin and Greek corpora. He has not done enough work on any of these projects. You can generally find him excitedly pouring through an etymological dictionary, probably singing something by Sondheim under his breath.

Headshot of Ziv Stern

Samme Sheikh '20 is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Interpretation Theory. Samme is from Portland, Oregon but wants to be adopted by Philadelphia, and he's well on his way toward his goal of knowing more about African politics than that of the United States.

Headshot of Samme Sheik

Yi Fei Cheng is a prospective Engineering and Computer Science double major. He is particularly interested in web development, robotics, and animation.

Headshot of Yi Fei Cheng


Amy Han '17 is an engineering and computer science double major. Originally from Washington state, she enjoys hiking, skiing and exploring the outdoors. Amy is excited to be working in New York City after graduation.

Headshot of Amy Han

Byron Biney '19 is currently a completing a special major in Educational Studies and Computer Science, with a minor in Psychology. He's interested in learning how technology can help facilitate meaningful learning experiences in today's current landscape for all students. He would like to explore how current cultural formations and structural issues interact with digital technology.

Headshot of Byron Biney

Hazlett Henderson ‘17 is a French and Arabic double major at Swarthmore College. She likes reading and composting, and wants to graduate so that she can spend more time doing both.

Headshot of Hazlett Henderson

Jake Davis Mundo '18 is double majoring in Linguistics and Mathematics. At Swarthmore, Jake is one of the organizers of Peripeteia, a group which plans interdisciplinary events and discussions, and loves playing board games with friends in moments of free time. Jake grew up in New Jersey.

Headshot of Jake Davis Mundo

Liv Elmore '20, prospective undecided major at Swarthmore College.

Headshot of Liv Elmore

Samantha Herron '18 is a Sociology & Anthropology major. She loves the internet, the library, pop music, and her cat Marv.

Headshot of Samantha Herron