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Bathe Collection in the History of Technology

The Bathe Collection is comprised of some 1,500 volumes on the history of technology before and after the Industrial Revolution. The collection was willed to Swarthmore by Greville Bathe, author of several books on the history of technology, and contains primary source material from the 16th through 18th centuries as well as contemporary bibliographies, biographies, histories, and secondary materials. The collection's range of subject matter extends from steam engines and their inventors to post-Newtonian mechanics, early aeronautics, and the Atlantic cable. In addition, it includes Greville Bathe's books, galley proofs, and manuscripts. Some of the highlights of this collection are Geronime Cardano's De Rerum Varietate(1557), with the first appearance in print of Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical investigations, and Jacques Besson's Theatre des Instrumens Mathematiques et Mechaniques (1579), said to be the first published book devoted to engineering.

Bathe Collection

From Grand art d'artillerie par le sieur Casimir Siemienowicz (1651).