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LabX - the Library Advisory and User eXperience Board

Each fall, the libraries select up to 20 students to join the board, which gathers several times each semester (in person or online) to address a theme or question. Look for an email invitation in the fall, or reach out to Assessment + User Experience Librarian Mary Huissen to express your interest.

While the libraries are not always able to provide what students request, the group has raised many actionable items and appreciates our interest in listening. One student said:

A sample of implemented changes came from LabX suggestions:

  • Improved wayfinding signs in McCabe Library, coordinated by color
  • Library of Congress Classification subject guides at the point of need - posted at ends of stack ranges
  • Signs to communicate acceptable noise levels in group study areas (written by LabX!)
  • Change in the traditional coffee + snacks study break time in McCabe from 10pm to 8:30pm
  • Libraries website reorganization via card sorting exercises
  • Feedback on Tripod
  • Streaming media provided by the Libraries
  • A wider variety and greater number of charging cables for electronic devices
  • Electronic study room signs at the point of entry to indicate when the room is reserved