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Howard Lab News

•  Visit from Lab Alums Mary Alice Upshur '12 and Pat Hartnett '11
•  2024 Annual Biophysical Society meeting
•  Kyra Roepke '24 wins a Goldwater Fellowship
•  Howard lab attends the June 2022 MARM-ACS meeting
Aye Kyaw '22 presents thesis reseach at UPenn Biophysics Retreat
•  Tori Knox '21 wins presentation award at ABRCMS 2020
• Elizabeth Erler '20 wins Travel Award to attend Biophysical Society 2020 Meeting
•  Howard Lab awarded a NIH grant to fund research on influenza proteins   
•  Former lab member returns to campus to present research on deep sea microbes
•  Poster presentations in the Poconos 
• Abigail Wong-Rolle '19 wins ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry
Lab Alum Alice Herneisen '17 Wins a NSF Graduate Fellowship
• 2019 Biophysical Society Meeting
• Reham Mahgoub '20 gives research talk at ABRCMS
• Solid State NMR of Proteins Meeting, UCSD February 2018
• Aaron Holmes Presents Thesis Research in San Francisco February 2018
• Howard Lab well-represented at ACS Meeting June 2017
• Alice Herneisen wins 2017 ACS Scholastic Award
• Howard Lab Presents new Research in New Orleans February 2017
• Melanie Jalloh '07 wins Lucretia Mott Fellowship
• Kei Saotome '11 is first author on a June 2016 Nature paper
• Huang and Green at the 2015 Biophysical Society Meeting
• Kathleen Howard presented a research talk at "Frontiers of Biophysics and Chemical Biology; A Symposium in Honor of Bill DeGrado" 
• Howard Lab Alum Emily Ullman '06 Comes Back to Swarthmore for a visit
• Howard Invited to Present M2 Data at BSDF Conference in Nashville, TN
• Chem Major Shawn Kim '14 Wins Competitive Travel Award to Present His Research
• Howard Lab Alum Mary Alice Upshur '12 Wins a NSF Graduate Fellowship