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Alice Herneisen '17 wins ACS Scholastic Achievement Award

Alice Herneisen wins 2017 ACS Award

Alice Herneisen '17 and her research thesis advisor Professor Kathleen Howard.  Alice received the ACS 2017 Academic Achievement Award at the Philadelphia Regional ACS meeting in April 2017.

Alice Herneisen '17 won the  2017 ACS Scholastic Achievement Award for exceptional academic performance.  Alice is a Honors double major in both Chemistry and Biology.  She completed an independent Honors Thesis in the Howard lab titled "Conformational Studies of a Domain of the Influenza A M2 Protein Involved in Viral Budding and Morphology".  She won a competitive travel grant to present her thesis work at the 2017 Biophysical Society meeting held New Orleans in February 2017.  In the Fall of 2017 Alice will begin a Ph.D. program at MIT.