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Pre-Med Preparation

Stephanie Koskowich, Chemistry and Psychology

Stephanie Koskowich, Senior
Chemistry and Psychology
Salt Lake City, UT

"Gigi and Barbara are great. I've been going to their office from the time I first decided to be pre-med. They initially helped me plan what classes to take at Swat in order to fill the pre-med requirements. Then, as it got near application time, they held a meeting to share useful information about the application process with all students interested in applying to medical school. They also helped me individually with every step of the application process."

"I often swing by the Health Sciences Office on my way to class to say hi and ask a quick question. They're always cheerful and have always been able to answer my questions, no matter how silly they seemed."

"From having worked through this process, I would recommend that students make use of all the resources that are available in the Health Sciences Office. There are a lot of really useful things, like the binder they keep with former applicants' descriptions of interview experiences at different schools."

"Gigi and Barbara were very excited for me when I did well on the MCAT and also when I got my first acceptance. It was nice to know they were rooting for me."