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Early Assurance Programs

There are several medical school programs that accept students midway through their college years. If accepted, students do not ever have to take the MCAT, or apply through the expensive and time consuming process. These programs have minimum GPA  and other requirements, and accepted students are expected to adhere to these standards for the remainder of their time in college. 

The Sidney Kimmel Medical College Scholars Program was created for students who have demonstrated interest in studying health policy, population and community engagement alongside the standard medical school curriculum.  To apply, students must take at least 4 of the required 5 math/science courses (Bio001 and 002, Chemistry 010 and 022, and Stat 011) and two courses that focus on population health or policy.  A minimum 3.5 cumulative and science GPA is required, with no grade lower that a B-. Up to 5 students from Swarthmore may be accepted each year.  In addition, students with an intellectual focus on humanities, social sciences, or design can apply early assurance to Sidney Kimmel Medical College, if they meet the math/science and grading requirements listed above. 

The University of Rochester (3.6 minimum GPA required)  has an early assurance program for students with a general interest in medicine. Application information is sent out to sophomores in the spring semester.