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Information Form

Please complete this form with the greatest care. It is important that we have background information in order to prepare a personal summary of your academic and non-academic experiences. We are especially interested in information that is not revealed by academic records and test scores, but which medical schools would like to know about you personally.

Submit your completed Information Form via pdf to Jennifer Lenway ( in the Health Sciences Office by Wednesday of the first week of Spring semester. Using this format instead of a handwritten Information Form will allow us to be certain that we can read the correct spellings of research projects, mentors' names, place names, etc. that are part of the experiences we will describe in your Committee letter. For the same reason, we ask that you do not use abbreviations. If you have a resume, please attach it.

If you have an information form on file and want to send us an update you do not need to complete the entire information form again. Rather, send an email update to Gigi describing any new additions, such as jobs, volunteer work, awards, coursework, etc.

If you have any questions with calculating your GPA or creating your initial medical school list see our Guide for Applying to Medical School.

Print our Information Form [doc].


Recommendation Form

Please print out the Recommendation Form, complete the top half and give it to the faculty member, supervisor or mentor from whom you are requesting a recommendation.

We suggest that you waive your right of access to this recommendation by signing the waiver on the form. Some medical schools have made it clear that they prefer letters to which access has been waived. However, you are not required to waive your rights.

Ask your recommender to sign the Recommendation Form on the indicated line and return it with his/her recommendation directly to the Health Sciences Office by February 8th.

How many recommendations do you need? Whom should you ask? See our Guide for Applying to Medical School.

Click here for our Recommendation Form [pdf].