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Learning Goals

Educational Studies’ Learning Goals

1.     Students will articulate that Educational Studies is an interdisciplinary field; they will be able to recognize and use research and theoretical frameworks from a range of disciplines to extend, refute, and confirm existing research, theory, and practice, and engage in productive dissemination.

2.     Students will be able to use evidence to support positions and in discourse, writing, and use of media.

3.     Students will be able to produce effective academic writing.

4.     Students will be able to think critically and creatively about key concepts in the field including learning and development, social and cultural contexts of education, and contemporary political issues in the field and the role of education in society.

5.     Students will be able to use practice to inform theory and research.

6.     Students will be engaged in reflective community based fieldwork.

7.     Students will be self-reflective about their own position and the positions of others in political, social, and institutional structures and the possibilities for growth and change for themselves and others.

8.     Students will be constructive and generative problem solvers.