Off Campus Study

The department regularly approves credit for off campus study courses, provided the guidelines for transfer credit are met. Four study abroad programs developed in conjunction with the Department of Educational Studies include:

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education 

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) is a semester-long program in Budapest, Hungary, designed for American and Canadian undergraduates and recent graduates interested in teaching middle school or high school mathematics. BSME was conceived by the founders of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM), and the two programs share a common goal—to provide their participants with an opportunity to experience the mathematical and general culture of Hungary. BSME is specifically intended for students who are not only passionate about mathematics, but also the teaching of mathematics.  Application materials available through the Office of Off Campus Study.

Cloud Forest School Program, Costa Rica

Through this program, students complete a school-based internship, receive an intercultural credit of Spanish language instruction and pursue an independent field work project. More information about this program.

Globalization and the Environment, University of Capetown, South Africa

This program focuses on both environmental and educational issues such as literacy, equity, and intersections between schools, communities and the environment in South Africa. More information about this program.

Transfer Credit

Students who would like to receive credit for education courses taken at another institution (domestic or international) must have taken or plan to take EDUC014, Introduction to Education. Transfer credit is awarded once a student has completed EDUC 014: Introduction to Education. To request transfer credit, the student must present a syllabus and all course work for the department to review. Some additional work may be required; such a request would be discussed with the student.