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Departmental Deposits

Checks and cash for deposit into departmental ORGS are processed by the Business Office Cashier & Accounting Assistant Nancy Kremmel. In order for a donor or institutional gift to be processed as tax deductible the cash receipt must be processed by College Advancement office. Checks for departments may be mailed through college mail, but cash should be hand-delivered.  A receipt will be sent to you through college mail or via email. A cash receipt form is required to be completed by the department with the appropriate accounting information (FOAPAL). 

Any faculty or staff member accepting funds on behalf of the College is responsible for ensuring that the funds are handled appropriately.  All revenue for College activities related to fundraising or student or academic trips should be made payable to “Swarthmore College”.

If a check is made payable to any student or college employee rather than payable to Swarthmore College staff members should notify their direct supervisor.  Faculty members should notify their Department Head and/or the Provost Office. The check should immediately endorsed to / signed over to the College by the individual and submitted to either the Business Office for non-gifts or to College Advancement for gifts for processing into the proper college account. 

All funds or resources intended for support or benefit of a college sponsored program, trip, student group, athletic team or academic event or any other college program such as a restricted gift or grant, agency or plant fund must be properly accounted for within the books and records of the College and cannot be diverted or misdirected into a non-college bank account, or used to directly reimburse a college employee for business expenses outside of the approved reimbursement guidelines of the College.  Under no circumstances should the employee -- faculty, staff or student - deposit the check into their personal account. Depositing College funds in personal bank accounts could be considered an act of fraudulent behavior even if unintended.