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Group of Green Associates posed and smiling

Members of the Green Advisors program, who work in close partnership with the Dining team on waste management efforts.

Our dining program supports the College's commitment to sustainability by sourcing locally produced foods, reducing waste, and conserving resources.

With the opening of the new Dining Center in October 2022, we will operate in a space built with the latest in sustainable technologies, that will be powered by all-electric energy from renewable resources. The Dining Center will be part of the new Dining and Community Commons, which you can learn more about here.

Compost and Waste Reduction | Local Food | Our Locally Based Food Distributors 

Compost and Waste Reduction

As part of a campus-wide initiative, waste, both from our campus kitchens and post-consumer sources are part of the College’s composting program. Additionally, our dining locations all offer compostable to-go packaging. We work with Kitchen Harvest, a local, family-owned business run by a passionate husband and wife team who "enjoy making good dirt". The compost is processed and used at a family farm located in Middletown, PA. Through this program, we divert 75 pounds of compostable material a day on average. Some further steps that we've taken to reduce waste.

  • We no longer offer plastic water bottles with our Grab-n-Go program, our catering, or at our retail locations. Instead, we encouraging our diners to bring their own drinking vessels and fill them from a dispenser. Community members may also purchase cans of aluminum water that can be recycled. This practice, along with the dispensers of fruit infused water available for most catered events, has helped us to divert an average of 960 plastic bottles a week from landfills.
  • We recycle our used vegetable oil with Restaurant Technologies Incorporated, a system that dramatically reduces the oil and related packaging sent to landfills by recycling used oil into biodiesel or animal feed in an efficient and scalable manner.
  • We provide compostable to-go containers at the dining hall and compostable to-go coffee cups and utensils at all of our campus venues.
  • We have been piloting a reusable takeout container program that will help reduce the use of single-use containers on campus.

Local Food

A visit to our campus dining facilities will put you in contact with a variety of locally produced delicacies. Whether it is a cage-free egg from Sandy Ridge Farm, bread from Le Bus Bakery, a fresh apple from Beechwood Orchards or a cold glass of milk from Wawa Dairy, you will taste the difference.

In addition to buying directly from local food producers, our Dining team is proud to work with a number of local, privately owned and operated food distributors. Each of these companies feature locally produced items, provide employment to area residents, and support their communities. For example our main grocery supplier, Feesers Food Distributors, is based in Harrisburg, PA and in turn provides us with many local brands. Explore this page for more information on each of our local food service providers

    Our Locally Based Food Distributors

    American Beauty Fish & Produce

    Phone number: 610-431-1477

    American Beauty Fish and Produce has been Swarthmore’s main produce purveyor for the past five years. American Beauty is based locally in West Chester, PA, and sources many of its products from the Weaverland Auction in Lancaster County during the peak growing season in PA. They also source vegetables from farms further afield, around the country and internationally as well, through the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market.

    BK Specialty Foods Distributor

    Phone number: 1-800-354-9445

    Based in Swedesboro NJ, BK Specialty Foods is a family owned business that provides a variety of fresh, dry and frozen food products from all over the world to colleges, hotels, retail markets, restaurants and corporate food service in the Mid-Atlantic.

    Common Market Local Foods

    Phone number: 215-275-3435

    The Common Market is a food distribution center located in North Philadelphia with the aim of connecting local farmers with institutions such as restaurants, schools and hospitals in the Philadelphia area, and distributing products from local farmers to these institutions. The Common Market provides only local and seasonally available products, and has worked closely with Swarthmore Dining in past years to provide locally sourced products to supplement our menu on the Harvest Dinner night, as well as at the Community Gathering in the fall.

    Esposito Inc. Meats

    Phone number: 215-922-2659

    Esposito Meats is based in Philadelphia’s Italian Market, and is a family owned meat distributor. As a PA preferred company, they work with local PA farmers to provide fresh and local products. They also provide beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry from PA, Australia and New Zealand.

    Feeser’s Food Distributors

    Phone number: 1-800-326-2828

    Feeser’s Inc. is a family owned and operated local food distribution company that is based in Harrisburg PA. Operating from 275,000 square ft. of warehouse facilities, Feeser’s “offers a wide variety of nationally branded grocery, frozen and refrigerated items to their customers.” Feeser’s “is dedicated to developing and growing our business in a manner that has minimal impact on the environment.” To learn more about how Feeser’s has worked to reduce its environmental impact visit

    Neshaminy Valley Natural Foods

    Please contact the Swarthmore Dining team for more information.

    Petro’s Bread Distributors

    Phone number: 215 625-9272

    Petro’s Bread Distributors is owned and operated by the Trantas family, based in Philadelphia, and “has proudly served the tri-state area since 1985.” Petro’s Distributes bread from a wide variety of local and regional bakeries, and they have a wide reach, providing baked goods for smaller vendors as well as large universities and hospitals. For a more complete list of the suppliers that they distribute for visit their website.

    Philadelphia Bakery Merchants

    Phone number: 610-449-5763

    The Philadelphia Bakery Merchants is a family owned and operated company, self-described as a “wholesale distributor for the 10 best bakeries in the Philadelphia Metro area.” They reliably distribute bread from renown local bakeries such as Baker Street Bread, LeBus Bakery, and Aversa’s Bakery to their customers. For a fuller list of providers that they distributor for, visit their website.

    Local Brands We Obtain from Feeser's Food Distributors

    Abuelita Mexican Foods

    Phone number: 703-369-1730

    Abuelita Mexican Foods is based in Manassas, VA.

    Atlantic Blueberry Co

    Phone number: 609-561-8600

    Atlantic Blueberry Co. is based inHammonton, NJ.​

    ASK Foods Inc.

    Phone number: 717-838-6356

    ASK Foods Inc., Palmyra, PA

    Bachman Company

    Phone number: 717-637-6644

    Bachman Company is based in Reading, PA

    Berks Company Inc.

    Phone number: 800-882-3757

    Berks Company Inc. is based in Reading, PA.

    B&G Foods

    Phone number: 800-811-8975

    B&G Foods is based in Parsippany, NJ.

    Caesar’s Pasta Products

    Phone number: 888-43-CAESAR

    Caesar’s Pasta Products is based in Blackwood, NJ

    Chianti Cheeses

    Phone number:  609-894-0900

    Chianti Cheeses is based in Pemberton, NJ

    Deb-El Foods

    Phone number:  908-351-0330

    Deb-El Foods is based in Elizabeth, NJ.

    Devault Meats

    Phone number: 800-HAM-BURG

    Devault Meats, Devault, PA

    Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods

    Phone number:  201-703-1300

    Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods is based in Elmwood, NJ.


    Phone number: 877-877-6032

    Furmano’s is based in Northumberland, PA.

    Good Food Inc.,

    Phone number: 800-327-4406 or 610-273-3776

    Good Food Inc. is based in Honey Brook, PA.

    Giorgio Mushrooms

    Phone number: 610-926-2139

    Giorgio Mushrooms is based in Temple, PA.

    Great Lakes Cheese

    Phone number: 440-834-2500

    Great Lakes Cheese is based in Hiram, OH.

    Hadley Farms Bakery

    Phone number: 800-346-3494 or 301-824-2558

    Hadley Farms Bakery is based in Smithsburg, MD.

    Hanover Foods

    Phone number: 717-632-6000

    Hanover Foods is based in Hanover, PA.

    H.B. Hunter Co

    H.B. Hunter Co. is based in Norfolk, VA.

    Herr’s Foods

    Phone number: 610-932-9330

    Herr’s Foods, Nottingham, PA

    H.J. Heinz Company

    Phone number (HQ): 800-255-5750

    H.J. Heinz Company is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Hope’s Cookies

    Phone number: 888-266-5439

    Hope’s Cookies, Rosemont, PA

    Joy Cone Co.

    Phone number: 724-962-5747  

    Joy Cone Co. is based in Hermitage, PA.

    Joyva Tahini

    Phone number: 718-497-0170

    Joyva Tahini, New York, NY

    Kargher Corporation

    Phone number: 215-822-1186

    Kargher Corporation, Hatfield, PA

    Keystone Food Products

    Keystone Food Products is based in Easton, PA.

    Knouse Foods Co-Op Inc.

    Phone number: 610-258-0888

    Knouse Foods Co-Op Inc. is based in Peach Glen, PA.

    Kunzler Meats

    Phone number: 1-888-586-9537

    Kunzler Meats is based in Lancaster, PA.

    LaMonica Fine Foods

    Phone number: 856-825-8111

    LaMonica Fine Foods, Millville, NJ.

    McCormick & Co. Inc.

    Phone number: 410-527-6189

    McCormick & Co. Inc. is based in Hunt Valley, MD.

    Montena Taranto Foods

    Phone number: 201-943-8484

    Montena Taranto Foods is based in Ridgefield, NJ.

    Mrs. T’s Pierogies

    Phone number: 800-743-7649

    Mrs. T’s Pierogies, Shenandoah, PA.

    O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative

    Phone number:  585-343-0536

    O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative is based in Batavia, NY. 

    RC Fine Foods

    Phone number: 908-359-5500

    RC Fine Foods is based in Belle Meade, NJ.

    Rosina Foods

    Phone number: 1(888) 767-4621

    Rosina Foods is based in Buffalo, NY

    Upstate Niagara Cooperative

    Phone number: 716-892-3156

    Upstate Niagara Cooperative is based in Buffalo, NY

    Utz Quality Foods

    Phone number: 717-637-6644

    Utz Quality Foods is based in Hanover, PA.

    Local Brands We Purchase From Directly

    Beechwood Orchards

    Phone number: (717) 677-6536

    Beechwood Orchards is based in Biglerville, PA.

    Fresh Tofu Inc.

    Phone number: 610-433-4711

    Fresh Tofu Inc. is based in Allentown, PA

    Kyj’s Bakery

    Phone number: 610-494-9400

    Kyj’s Bakery is based in Chester, PA

    Original Bagel

    Phone number:  610-353-9600

    Original Bagel is based in Broomall, PA

    Sandy Ridge Farm

    Phone number: 215-340-1042

    Sandy Ridge Farm is based in Elizabethtown, PA

    Wawa Dairy

    Phone number: 800-444-9292

    Wawa Dairy is one of the region's most well known and popular food service providers. Wawa Dairy is based in Wawa, PA.​

    Local Brands We Obtain from our Bread Distributors

    AVERSA'S Bakery

    Phone number: 856-227-8005

    Baker Street

    Phone number:  215.248.2500

    Baker Street is based in Philadelphia, PA.

    Conshohocken Bakery

    Phone number: (610) 825-9334

    Conshohocken Bakery is based in Conshohocken, PA.

    Kontos Foods Inc.


    Kontos Foods Inc. is based in Paterson, NJ.

    Le Bus Bakery

    Phone number: (610) 337-1444

    Le Bus Bakery is based in Philadelphia, PA.

    Soumaya & Sons Bakery

    Phone number: 610-432-0405

    Soumaya & Sons Bakery is based in Whitehall, PA.