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Archived minutes 2007-2008

Index: reverse chronological order

Redux: Topics addressed by SAC during the 2007-2008 academic year

Besides facilitating all-staff events and making committee appointments, SAC listens to each question and each concern brought forward by a member of the staff. We do our best to resolve the questions for the initial inquirer and to inform the entire staff about these issues for general edification. Here are some concerns we have addressed this year; please read our minutes for more information! Show your support or distain for any issue by emailing staffsac!

  • Paper waste on campus (ongoing - May, April, February, January, December)
  • Staff compensation - determination and comparisons (May)
  • How can we publicize off-campus events? (April)
  • Administrative leave for essential staff on emergency days (April)
  • Heavily used rest room - how to request extra cleaning (March)
  • How to address extreme / difficult climate conditions (March)
  • Can campus close on Fridays in the summer? (March)
  • Blood pressure screening available via Health Center (February)
  • Can staff buy used College computers? (February)
  • Function and value of First Friday coffee breaks - canceled as a result (January, December)
  • Thoughts on flow of people at Winter Gathering (January, December)
  • Weekly news: could it self-update? (December)
  • Adopt a family vs. Giving tree - feedback (December)
  • Printers and copiers: problems getting the right equipment (November, October)
  • Fire Safety / Exit strategy (November, October, September)
  • Report of thefts / indicents: clarification of Public Safety's Campus Alerts policies (October, initiated September)
  • Discounts and other non-official "benefits" (October)
  • Offended by chalking, what to do (October)
  • Number and proper use of handicapped parking spaces (September)
  • Concern for mental health of a student or co-worker, what to do (September)
  • HR updates (September)
  • Parking on campus, particularly w/r/t construction and other non-standard activity (this is an open discussion with facilities, frequently mentioned -- but not always documented that well -- in our minutes)