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14 November 2007

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2007


Cathy Pescatore, Lynn Grady, Lois Falzone, Mimi Weiler, Chuck Breischaft, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, Brady Gonsalves, Tami Gura, Brad Rumsey, Karen Henry, Beth Baksi, Val Gibson and Marian Fahy

Human Resources:

Melanie Young

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Sharmaine LaMar


Pat James has requested that the next First Friday by hosted by and at the Lang Center on Friday, December 7th. Blood pressure checks will be requested. (Note: due to a schedule conflict, the event was not held at the Lang Center on that date, but we hope the next one will be)

Service Recognition Awards:

Lee Robinson, as the chair of the Recognition and Reward Committee, reported on the proposed changes to the Service Awards being submitted through the budget process. SAC recommended several members to be on the committee to investigate not only refreshing the service awards, but considering other ways to show employees their work is appreciated. A survey was sent asking employees about several ideas the committee had researched and developed including an "excellence" award and "on-the-spot" awards. The consensus from staff that responded to the survey was that these type of recognition efforts would not work in the culture at Swarthmore College.

Another task of the committee was to consider ways to improve the recognition for employees with more than 25 years with the College. Initial ideas included providing more vacation time, but since employees at this level of service already have 5 weeks of vacation, more vacation would be difficult for department operations and after comparing vacation benefits with other colleges, we are at the high end with vacation time to start with. It was decided to increase award levels to employees with service greater than 25 years as a part of the effort to refresh the service award program, described below.

Regarding the task of refreshing the Service Award program, the Committee checked with other colleges and found that many use outside vendors who are in this business. Three companies were recommended and C.A. Short Company was chosen. The company has a catalog of gifts specifically for each service award category and each category has over 90 gifts. The gift certificates will be eliminated were an option; the were added because of the limited selection of the current program and recipients must be taxed according to the IRS. The proposal for the C. A. Short program still has to be approved through the budget process which is stringent but a special allowance was made this year for employees receiving awards for 30 years of service and above to make award selections from the CA Short award category brochures. All seem to be very pleased with the options provided.

Printer/Copiers follow up:

Lois Falzone checked with ITS and found out the decision to change the printer-copiers was a financial decision made by the Chief Financial Officer. ITS was asked to implement the installation project. Melanie Young added that originally the decision having one vendor would utilize our buying power. Melanie will check with the President's Staff to see who is responsible if any department is having issues with RICOH.

Fire Safety:

The Emergency Preparedness Committee has fire drills on their agenda and it will dovetail with safe campus.

Equal Opportunity Advisory Council:

SAC voted for the EOAC vacancy. Jean Tierno from Theater and LPAC was elected and the recommendation will be taken to the President for approval.


Scott circle continues to receive reports of parking problems in Bond. Anna will speak with Mike Boyd about construction vehicles, planning, and enforcement.

Staff Planning Committee:

Presentation summary pending.

First Fridays:

SAC will continue hosting First Fridays at the Map House with an exception at the Lang Center on 12/7 from 9:30 - 11:00. The schedule is December 7, February 1, March 7 and May 2.

SAC Meetings:

December 12, January 23, February 13, March 19, April 16, May 14.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary