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12 December 2007

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2007


Cathy Pescatore, Lois Falzone, Mimi Weiler, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, Brady Gonsalves, Tami Gura, Karen Henry, Beth Baksi, Marian Fahy, and Lynn Grady.

Human Resources:

Melanie Young

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Sharmaine LaMar Winter


SAC was told that many employees don't attend because of the flow of the people at the reception after the presentations. SAC members brainstormed alternative food set-ups to improve the flow of people. Melanie will inform Lee Robinson and discuss if we can change the set up of the food. Employees also mentioned that the snow/ice removal was not clear for the event. SAC members felt that the event was beautiful, delicious and that the paths were better after the event.

First Friday:

First Fridays originated to introduce the Map House as the new Staff lounge and for HR to have a designated time for questions and answers. A discussion on whether First Fridays are valuable to staff. Representatives will follow up with staff to see if this time should be reevaluated especially after a large scale event like the Winter Gathering.

Weekly News:

A note was sent to SAC about the Weekly News and the classified information. Could this information be updated more frequently than once a week. Karen Henry will follow up with the Publications office to see if *self-updating* might be a possible solution.

Going Green:

A concern from a SAC member that has heard that has heard complaints that we receive so many printed materials that are often just recycled. Many employees of the College have expressed their desire to be more green conscience and then they see how much paper is wasted. Melanie mentioned that ITS is about to launch a program which can create separate lists and we can ask ITS if they can distribute different lists for different departments. SAC can poll their circles to see if employees do want to receive these notices in paper.

Adopt a Family:

Some feed back on the new holiday giving program, Adopt a Family. Some employees really liked being able to pick out presents for a family and some employees preferred the Giving Tree. Sharmaine will talk to Linda McDougall about the possibility of doing both.

First Fridays:

SAC will continue hosting First Fridays at the Map House, February 1, March 7 and May 2.

SAC Meetings:

January 23, February 13, March 19, April 16, May 14.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary