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16 April 2008

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2008


Cathy Pescatore, Lynn Grady, Marian Fahy, Chuck Breischaft, Anna Headley, Brady Gonsalves, Tami Gura, Mary Marissen, Michelle Hartel, Lois Falzone, Beth Baksi, Brad Rumsey, Val Gibson

Human Resources:

Melanie Young

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Sharmaine LaMar

Follow up on results of Survey:

Anna reported that the question in our survey was how would you receive on-campus print mailings, such as the College Bulletin, Wellness flyers, Arboretum communications, Library Newsletter, and other newsletters? The response rate of about 20% of the staff population (108 responded).

44% - Via campus mail, addressed to me.
25% - From a pile in my department's mail area.
11% - Grouped at centrally-located stations around campus.
36% - I would like to be able to specify which mailings I receive and which mailings I don't receive (via campus mail, addressed to me).
26% - I like to make sure I get to see everything.
6% - I wish I never had to receive anything.

SAC representatives will converse with heads of departments that send out the majority of the materials. We will ask a series of questions to find out how printing and distribution is determined and investigate if some departments can use less paper in our campus mailings.

Update of Off Campus Event Notification:

Anna checked with Anita Pace at News and Information about the possibility of including in our campus calendar events that are not on-campus but are organized by members of our campus community. Anita thought that this is a good idea but that this type of information is difficult to manage and thought that the Gazette, Phoenix or the Gathering might be more appropriate. Because of the centralized and comprehensive nature of the calendar, Anna requested that Anita take the next opportunity to bring it up at an appropriate time with her department.

Follow up on Administrative Leave:

Melanie read the Severe Weather or Other Emergencies Policy from the handbook in Chapter 6. We discussed the policies until we understood them. The biggest problem seems to be that if the essential staff members work extra hours during these times and then choose to take time off rather than pay for their administrative leave, they run the risk of reducing overtime pay. Melanie asked Chuck and Brad to talk with the staff from the South Circle to see if they would prefer to have the time off option removed to protect against this risk. Melanie may also meet with Facilities and Grounds staff about the policy.


Beth Baksi reported that the new SAC member for the Whittier Circle is Pat Hearty which will commence in September for a three year term. The following circles need to hold elections for their departing representatives: Tarble Circle (Cathy Pescatore) Rose Garden (Karen Henry) Magnolia (Marian Fahy) South Circle (Chuck Breischaft) Sharples (Michelle Hartel) The New Representatives are invited to our May 14th Meeting.

SAC Meeting: Mary 14.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary