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20 February 2008

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2008


Cathy Pescatore, Lynn Grady, Lois Falzone, Mimi Weiler, Mary Marissen, Anna Headley, Tami Gura, Brad Rumsey, Karen Henry, Beth Baksi

Human Resources:

Marty Cormician, Lee Robinson

Spring All Staff Meeting:

Marty Cormican, of Human Resources asked SAC to choose a date for the Meeting. We agreed that we should pick a date in March on a Friday at 1:30 p.m. The agenda will cover budgets, emergency preparedness and the revision of the staff service awards. Karen will contact a few student groups who might be available to provide entertainment.

Staff Handbook Changes:

Lee Robinson from Human Resources presented the proposed changes for the Staff Handbook which will be posted on the Human Resources web site. Paper copies will be available for those who would like a copy.

Blood Pressure Screenings:

Given that First Friday has been discontinued, our First Friday blood pressure screenings will no longer be available. The folks at Worth Health Center have kindly offered make screenings available for staff members who wish to take advantage. Contact the health center directly at x8062 to check their availability.

Parking Follow-up:

Mary reported that she and Anna contacted Owen Redgrave of Public Safety to inquire about the possibility of the College eliminating the color coded parking stickers. The reason for this would be so that employees can park in a faculty-staff lot of their choosing, allowing employees to dynamically alleviate any temporary parking bottlenecks that arise. Owen responded that he was not empowered to personally address this request, citing the studies conducted as part of the North Campus Plan. We discussed the problem of enforcement and the possible need for another study. Mary agreed to communicate with Stu Hain.

Sale of Used Computers:

An employee inquired about the sale of computers which are slated for replacement after having been used during official College business for four years. We had a discussion about the College having already experienced the sale of used computers which resulted in dissatisfied buyers (of very heavily used and unreliable computers). Chuck Breischaft followed-up with Lisa Brunner Bireley of ITS to find that, in addition to the above, ITS does not have the resources to administer such a program. Such resources include employees to prep computers for re-sale, to physically make the sale, and to support the computers after re-sale.

Update of Printed Materials:

Mimi spoke with Jeff Lott about the "do not mail lists" and he was open to the idea. Mimi had an idea that we could look into kiosks and departments could add information to be shared and we would have less printed material being discarded. We will ask Melanie to follow up on the lists. Anna would like to check to see if she can generate a survey to staff with radio buttons on our website.

Whittier Election:

Beth will hold an election to identify a second SAC representative for the Whittier Circle.

SAC Meetings:March 19, April 16, May 14.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary