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21 May 2008

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2008


Cathy Pescatore, Lynn Grady, Anna Headley, Tami Gura, Mary Marissen, Michelle Hartel, Lois Falzone, Beth Baksi, Mimi Weiler, and new members: Joe Deasey, Pat Hearty, Terry McGrath and Betsy Durning.

Human Resources:

Melanie Young

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Sharmaine LaMar

SAC Elections:

Cathy Pescatore re-elected to the Tarble Circle, Joe Deasey - Sharples Circle, Pat Hearty - Whittier Circle, Terry McGrath - Magnolia Circle and Betsy Dunning - Rose Garden Circle. SAC appointments were held for 2008-2009 Coordinator and Secretary. The new Coordinator is Mary Marissen and the new Secretary is Beth Baksi. We still need to hear from the South Circle.

Committee Elections:

SAC elected Anne Garrison and Vince Vagnozzi to the Faculty Staff Benefits Committee and Yvette Moat to the EOAC.

Follow up on interviews of departments with the largest number of mailings:

In our discussion it was difficult to pinpoint ways to reduce paper usage. This indicates that the departments we surveyed (below) are doing a good job! Our discussion focused on two possibilities: pursuing Swarthmore Bulletin reuse and allowing departments to work with the mailroom to set how many copies of bulk items they want to receive. In the fall SAC will continue this discussion and present our ideas about greener publications to the wider community; possibly through the Faculty/Staff digest or at the All Staff Meeting.

SAC members went to the departments with the highest mailings and publications with the following results:

Library Newsletter

The library runs 1200 copies of the Newsletter twice each year. It is distributed on campus to faculty and staff (not students) via the campus post office. Multiple copies are also placed in each library and the coffee bars .I t is distributed to the Board of Managers at their meetings. 250 copies are mailed to donors, local institutions and fellow libraries in the Oberlin Group. The return of unused copies would NOT be helpful. The Library Newsletter is already green-friendly in that its layout design and paper weight has been changed for this consideration, and it is available on-line. It would be fine for individuals to opt -out, however copies to the Development Office and academic staff are deemed crucial.

Wellness Committee

Wellness runs 1000 copies of the announcements, two per semester. It is distributed via Office Services then to the mailroom for distribution. Participation has increased since a hard copy has been sent this way. The return to unused copies would not accomplish much unless if used to opt-out. Recycling is recommended and posters at time clocks in EVS and Dining Services instead of one per person in the large departments. Wellness does double side the paper whenever possible. The areas of interest differ each session and opting-out one would lose all notification.

Swarthmore College Bulletin

The Bulletin's target is approximately 23,500 with circulation always increasing due to the growth in the alumni body. It is distributed via domestic and overseas mail, Campus Post Office and extra copies to Admissions. The return of the unused copies to the admissions office (with their permission) may be helpful as The Bulletin is a very popular give-away to perspective students. The Bulletin is now published on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It would be burdensome for the department to address individual copies and to the Post Office.

List Gallery

The List Gallery prints approximately 500 to 3000 of their publications. They are distributed to all faculty and staff who are ½ time or more. When supplies permit, they are distributed in some or all student mailboxes, but no more than 3,000 are printed. About 500 are sent to local people with an interest in the College and the arts. Artists rely on visual reproductions to promote their work and share their vision. The reproductions/announcements are a form of compensation for the artist and the fact that the List Gallery distributes such high quality images allows them to attract high caliber artists. Although many mailings are discarded, many are treasured for years to come. The return of the unused copies would be helpful if returned in pristine condition before the show's end. The Department is increasing web advertising but it has not replaced paper at this point. Web reproductions are not reliable in terms of color, etc. If Banner could provide a way of opting-out, the Art Department would appreciate sending the publication to those who are interested in art.

Update on Parking:

Mary replied to Stu Hain's questions about the Cunningham Lot and expects a response at some point.

Staff Compensation:

SAC was asked if salary increases were based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Melanie reported that Swarthmore College uses direct market comparisons rather than the CPI to determine annual raises. The College uses inflation plus 1.5% as a place holder in the budget planning process, but salaries could go up more than inflation, depending on what is going on in the job market.

Open Forum:

The subject of annual staff evaluations was raised and discussed briefly. This should be an agenda item for the fall.

Submitted by,
Lynn Grady
SAC Secretary