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21 September 2016

21 September 2016

SAC Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Lynn Grady, Susan Lewis, Ben Wilson, Sue Wigo, Luis Alvarez, Diane Fritz, Trish Tancredi, Danie Martin, Pam Borkowski-Valentin, Meg Gebhard, Lauri Courtenay, Domenic Porrini, Jessica Brangiel

With Rose Maio stepping down from the Moderator or SAC, Pamela Prescod-Caesar read over the duties of the SAC Moderator duties. Pamela noted Rose’s dedicated service to this committee.
Duties of SAC moderator include:

a.   Scheduling SAC meetings and notifying members of meeting times and locations;

b.   Coordinating the compilation of agenda items in consultation with the members of the SAC and the Vice President of Human Resources;

c.    Distributing the agenda at least three days in advance to SAC members;

d.   Facilitating the SAC meetings

e.   Serving as the "point person" for SAC in communicating information to the President and other appropriate administrators, offices, or committees.

Domenic Porrini and Diane Fritz agreed to be Co-Moderators. We also need a SAC Secretary:

Duties of SAC secretary (or secretarial committee) include:

a.   taking summary minutes of the SAC meetings;

b.   within one week following each meeting, distributing draft minutes to members of the SAC for their review and approval;

c.    within two weeks following each meeting, distributing approved minutes to the general staff constituency, via e-mail wherever possible and hard copy for posting for staff who do not have e-mail access

d.   in the absence of the moderator, convening the SAC and serving as alternate moderator

e.   in cooperation with Human Resources, coordinating the annual election process, including updating circle membership lists, distributing ballots, and tallying votes.

Jessica Brangiel agreed to be Secretary, she will solicit a volunteer on a case by case basis for back up. 

Jessica will check with George Darbes to see if he still wants to do the updates to the website. Jessica will check again with George and Cathy Agostinelli about returning for another SAC term.

Future SAC meetings will be scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month at 10am. 

The Faculty/Staff Benefits Committee has an opening for a staff member. Pamela Borkowski-Valentin volunteered to get a Qualtrics survey together for SAC to send to their circles. 

Again at the next commencement, the students have requested to extend an invitation to two staff members to volunteer to walk in the graduation processional and to sit on the stage.  SAC will be soliciting circle for volunteers with specific information on day and time for attendance.  The college will order regalia for participants.  

Old business from last academic year:

Faculty Staff digest – SAC will send out a reminder to all faculty/staff about guidelines for use of the faculty/staff digest at the beginning of each semester as well as a reminder about the classifieds, how to post there etc.

New business: a question on the location of the fire horn on top of the heat plant?  Does the horn need to be placed there?  Could it possibly be moved?  It could be a nuisance to guests at the Inn and is particularly bothersome to folks located in the south part of campus. 

Pamela will send these questions about the fire horn to Stu Hain for feedback. 


Future meetings: October 18, Fall All Staff Nov 10, Winter Gathering Dec 8th DATE CHANGED TO DEC 6TH DUE TO SCHEDULING CONFLICT