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Working with Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs office works with members of the Swarthmore faculty to secure funds from private and public organizations. We work closely with faculty throughout the grant process:

  • identifying and/or advising on sources of funding;
  • providing proposal samples;
  • editing, proofreading, and providing institutional language/data;
  • securing external strategic grant services to enhance proposal’s competitiveness;
  • helping with navigating institutional processes related to grants and compliance;
  • submitting proposals;
  • providing revision and resubmission support;
  • negotiating awards and subawards; and
  • managing non-financial aspects of your award.

In the past several years, Sponsored Programs has worked with faculty to secure support for their research and scholarship, including summer and sabbatical salary, summer research stipends for students, equipment, travel, conference grants, and other special projects.

Sponsored Programs also works closely with Institutional Relations. If you are not sure which office you should work with to prepare your proposal, please contact us (Tania Johnson at or David Foreman at and we will determine the best fit for your needs.