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Principal Investigator Responsibilities

As Principal Investigator (PI), you are responsible for managing your grant. This means that the College will hold you accountable for all grant activity and reporting requirements. Sponsored Programs office staff, Grants Accountant, and other Swarthmore staff members will be glad to advise you about grant management and help with such matters as requesting a grant extension.

When sponsors are pleased with the administration of a grant, they are well disposed toward awarding new grants to other PIs at the College. Therefore, it is extremely important that:

  • the work described in your proposal is fully implemented and in compliance with College policies;

  • you adhere to reporting deadlines and guidelines for narrative and financial reports;

  • charges to the grant do not exceed the award amount and are allowable, allocable, and reasonable according to the policies of the donor and the Office of Management and Budget “Uniform Guidance.”

  • salary and wages charged to the grant are consistent with the time and effort expended by the individuals involved and comply with all federal and College policies;

  • you notify the Sponsored Programs office and request approval from the sponsor at least two months before the grant expiration date for any extensions or changes to the project objectives, budget, personnel, or time and effort;

  • you monitor performance of any subrecipients to ensure all project goals, reporting requirements, or other grant terms are met;

  • you comply with all grant terms for acknowledgement, publicity, and dissemination of grant activities and outcomes.

  • Also, please familiarize yourself with the Institutional Review Board policies for human subjects research and the Faculty Handbook [pdf], including the descriptions of "Prohibition of Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Assault, Intellectual Property Policies, Research Policies, the College's Responsible Conduct of Research Policy for NSF-funded research, Research Misconduct,  Guidelines for Research Involving Human Subjects at Swarthmore College, and Grant Proposal Assistance.

If you have any questions regarding your responsibilities as a PI, contact the Sponsored Programs office.