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Manage Your Award

Professor Matt Zucker teaching a Physics seminar.

Congratulations! A Few Reminders:

As you celebrate your successful grant, please bear in mind that your new funding comes with responsibilities. As soon as you receive the good news, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. If the award was sent directly to you please notify Sponsored Programs right away so that your award can be set up as soon as possible.

  2. In the rare event that you receive the award payment as a check, please deliver it to Grants Accountant Christy Brydges ( in the Controller’s Office or arrange for delivery/pick up. Please do not send checks or award documents through campus mail.
  3. Copies of all award documents should be emailed to Associate Director Joe Watson ( in Sponsored Programs who will then enter the award into Cayuse Sponsored Projects.
  4. Once the grant has been activated you will receive notification via email from Cayuse requesting you to certify that you agree to the terms and conditions of the award. As soon as this routing process has been completed you can view your award in the Cayuse Sponsored Projects system.
  5. After the Controller’s Office approves the award information in Cayuse, Christy Brydges will create the grant fund. After your fund has been created you can view grant financial information in mySwarthmore. You may contact Christy directly with questions regarding your fund (
  6. Send copies of all correspondence (including project reports) between you and the funder over the life of the grant to Joe Watson ( in the Sponsored Programs office.