Faculty Grant Profiles

Swarthmore faculty write grant proposals to support their research, their teaching and other academic projects. When funded by external grants these activities are sponsored programs: activities faculty often engage in during their sabbatical. Some faculty members, especially in the natural sciences and engineering, also receive on-going research grants that span multiple years.

Each year, more than forty faculty members are eligible for a one-year sabbatical leave. The first semester is paid for by the College. Internal resources are available to fund a second semester of leave for a limited number of faculty. Individuals are only eligible to apply for an internal second semester leave grant if they have already applied for external support.

Faculty grants often include support of summer stipends for Swarthmore student researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and indirect funds to support the administrative infrastructure necessary for research.

Below you will find profiles of sponsored programs that are in progress at Swarthmore this fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) or that are noteworthy for a number of reasons. They tell the story of faculty innovation and pursuit of new knowledge and expression, across the liberal arts, sciences and engineering.

View the archived list of sponsored programs that ended prior to the current fiscal year.