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Admissions & Financial Support

Deans Karen Henry and Jennifer Marks-Gold pose in front of a butterfly display

Deans Karen Henry and Jennifer Marks-Gold at the "I Stand with Immigrants" event in 2021.


  • Admissions & Aid - We encourage all students, regardless of your citizenship status or national origin, to apply to the College. This includes undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students graduating from U.S. high schools or earning a high school equivalency diploma in the U.S.
  • Student Emergency Fund - This fund is a resource for low-income students that need a substantial (usually under $500) amount of money in a “serious time of need.” The website provides eligibility requirements and application details. Note that students must meet with the assistant director of the Swat FLI program each time they apply. 
  • Summer Housing - Undocumented students who need to stay on campus during the summer, whether for safety or for a particular summer opportunity, may apply for funds to cover the cost of on-campus summer housing. Meet with Dean Karen Henry to discuss details.
  • Refund Checks - For academic purposes that require students to spend money (e.g. transportation, meals on academic trips, etc.) students, regardless of immigration status, can receive reimbursement via check. Students seeking reimbursement should contact the academic department, the Registrar's Office, or their assigned dean.
  • External Funding- While Swarthmore offers generous financial aid to all students in need, students at times may want to seek external funding (e.g. for summer opportunities or graduate school). While not all external funding is available to undocumented students, several sources are. See this robust database of External Funding resources available to undocumented students hosted by the University of Michigan.