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Resources for Students

Funding is available from the college to help support academic research and other pursuits. Whether seeking support for a summer research project, to attend a conference, or to work with a faculty mentor, all applications must include a student proposal and a faculty recommendation.  

Please contact Debbie Thompson - - with any questions regarding these student support opportunities:

Summer Funding

Funding is available to support students who wish to pursue research opportunities, internships, intensive language study, independent projects, etc. during the summer months in each of the academic divisions (Humanities; Social Sciences; and Natural Sciences and Engineering; plus Interdisciplinary projects). The application process for these opportunities begins on the first day of the Spring semester and ends in mid-February; award notifications are sent in mid-March. Students interested in applying should begin developing their proposals in the Fall semester.  Completed applications must include: a student proposal, a Swarthmore faculty recommendation, and an external recommendation (for projects that are not directly supervised by a Swarthmore faculty member). Students are encouraged to review the INFORMATION and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  and the Program Resources page for more information.

Conference Funding

Students may apply for travel funds to participate in conferences and other academic opportunities. Support for conference travel is normally limited to students who will be presenting their own work at a conference within the United States.  Applications should be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the date when the opportunity begins. The application process starts by asking which division best suits the students' request for funding. Below is the link to the application and a list of each department by academic division. 

    Student Support for Academic Opportunities Application 

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering - Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology
  • Social Sciences - Economics, Educational Studies, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Humanities - Art, Classics, English Literature, Film and Media Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, Music and Dance, Philosophy, Religion, Theater
  • Interdisciplinary (please contact Debbie Thompson to see if your project/proposal is best suited as an interdisciplinary application)

Report Guidelines and Travel Reimbursement information can be found here.

Other Funding Sources

Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi funding can support travel for students that is related to scientific research.  The process for seeking funding is combined with the   Student Support for Academic Opportunities Application.  NOTE: in order to receive Sigma Xi funding, a student must be a member of Sigma Xi.  Information on how to become a member of Sigma Xi is found here.

Mentoring Mini Grants

This initiative is designed to encourage the development of scientific identity and meaningful mentoring relationships for students who are pursuing NSE majors, and are from groups traditionally underrepresented in science, math, and engineering fields. A student’s faculty or staff mentor can apply for a Mentoring Mini-Grant to support the student mentee in a variety of ways (applications directly from students are not accepted):

  • to hire the mentee as a research assistant, a mini-grant will pay the student's hourly wages;
  • to bring the mentee to a scientific conference, a mini-grant will cover the student's registration and travel costs;
  • to facilitate an off-campus summer research internship, a mini-grant will provide a housing stipend for the mentee;
  • to encourage the mentee to re-take a foundational science course (e.g., chemistry or math) in order to consolidate their learning, a mini-grant will provide a summer tuition grant;
  • to support mentors' professional development related to mentoring diverse students, e.g., participating in workshops or webinars;
  • to bring alumni scientists from diverse backgrounds to campus for scientific talks or career panels.

Click here to apply for a Mentoring Mini-Grant which has a maximum award of $1,500 per student per academic year.

Dean’s Office Conference Funding
The Dean's Office has a limited amount of funding which is used to support students who would like to attend a conference.  Please see the link to the Dean’s Office website page for information about this funding.