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Student Information

For general information about using your OneCard, please visit our Using Your OneCard page.


What are student meal plans?

You can find detailed information on current student meal plans on the Swarthmore Dining website.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars (formerly called Points) are offered in association with the student meal plan that you selected, and loaded onto your OneCard alongside your meals. Dining Dollars can be used exclusively at campus dining locations, including the Dining Center, Essie Mae's, the Kohlberg Coffee Bar, the Science Center Coffee Bar, and now the Crumb Cafe. Dining Dollars do not carry over to the next semester.

What are Swat Points?

Swat Points are offered in association with the student meal plan that you selected, and loaded onto your OneCard alongside your meals. Swat Points can be used for campus dining, the Crumb Cafe, campus vending machines, at the Campus & Community Store (food, drink, and health and beauty products only) as well as at any of the participating off-campus merchants (food, drink, and health and beauty products only). All Dining Dollars and Swat Points expire at the end of each semester and are nontransferable to any other account.  

What off-campus businesses will accept my OneCard?

Check out this continually updated list of off-campus merchants accepting Swat Points and Student Garnet Cash.

What is Student Garnet Cash?

Student Garnet Cash is a prepaid declining balance account accessed with your OneCard. With Student Garnet Cash, your OneCard  functions like a debit card. Student Garnet Cash can be used at any campus dining or retail location (the Dining Center, Essie Mae’s, Science Center Coffee Bar, Kohlberg Coffee Bar, Paces Cafe, the Post Office, and the Swarthmore Campus & Community Store). Student Garnet Cash can also be used at any of the participating off-campus merchants and at all campus vending machines. Student Garnet Cash is not associated with your meal plan.

How can I add Student Garnet Cash to my OneCard account?

You may add Student Garnet Cash to your OneCard by logging on to the GET web site. Log in using your college credentials and click on the Add Funds quick link on the right.  You will receive a confirmation once the transaction has been completed.

Does my Student Garnet Cash expire?

Since it is not associated with your meal plan, Student Garnet Cash does not expire and will roll over from year to year.  A refund of any unused Student Garnet Cash will be issued after graduation or can be withdrawn from the college upon request.

What campus buildings will be accessible with my OneCard?

You can confirm the buildings and spaces you have access to by logging into the OneCard Center with your College credentials and clicking on My Current Access. General building lock hours can be found here, and the College's building access guidelines can be found here.

What access do students have to residence halls?

You will have 24x7 access to your assigned residence hall at all times during the academic year. 

What else do I need to know?

If you have any questions regarding the OneCard program, please contact us at