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You can use Garnet Cash to pay for food ordered on GrubHub, simply by adding your OneCard to the GrubHub app. When you add your OneCard, you’ll also receive a free GrubHub+ membership, which means you’ll skip delivery fees (on orders over $18 at participating restaurants).

Using Your Garnet Cash On GrubHub

To get started, download the GrubHub app in the  Apple Store and Google Play. You can create a new account using your Swarthmore email address, or simply add your OneCard to your existing GrubHub account. To add your OneCard, take the following steps:

  1. Log into your GrubHub account.
  2. Go to Account and click on Campus Dining.
  3. Search Swarthmore College, and add your Affiliation (your class year, or if you are a, faculty or staff member).
  4. Click Add Card, then enter your Swarthmore login credentials.