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Building Access

You can use your OneCard as a key to access a range of campus buildings. As campus expands, you will be able to use your OneCard to access even more spaces at Swarthmore.

Administrative & Academic Buildings and Student Life Spaces

There are currently over 30 Academic, Administrative, and Student Life buildings enabled with OneCard access. Most buildings remain unlocked for specified hours during the day and require OneCard access after hours. Card access is granted based on specific needs (course enrollment, job requirements, etc.). 

The Matchbox facility is accessible to students, faculty and staff with your OneCard, though you will first need to complete a waiver form online via MySwarthmore. If your waiver for the Matchbox is up to date, you will not need to fill out an additional form.

  • 101 S. Chester Road
  • Ashton House
  • Beardsley 
  • Black Cultural Center
  • Clothier 
  • Cornell Science Library

  • Cunningham Parking Lot

  • Delta Upsilon House

  • Hormel-Nguyen Intercultural Center (Sproul)

  • Intercultural Center (Old IC)

  • Kitao Student Art Gallery

  • Kohlberg 

  • Lamb-Miller Field House

  • Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility

  • Lang Music

  • Lang Performing Arts Center 

  • Martin Hall 

  • Matchbox Fitness Center and Theater

  • McCabe Library

  • Mullan Indoor Tennis Center 

  • Old Tarble

  • Olde Club

  • Parrish Hall 
  • Pearson Hall
  • Phi Psi House
  • Science Center
  • Sharples Dining Hall
  • Singer Hall
  • Trotter 
  • Underhill Music and Dance Library
  • Ware Pool
  • Whittier Hall
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Worth Health Center

Residential Halls

All Resident Halls remain locked 24x7 and require card access for entry into the building. Your OneCard grants you 24x7 access to your assigned residence hall.

You can log in to the OneCard Center to see where your key is enabled. Please note that your room key will not allow you entry into OneCard accessible buildings; you will need to use your OneCard to enter.

  • Alice Paul
  • Bond Lodges
  • Dana

  • Danawell (Dwell)

  • David Kemp

  • Hallowell
  • Mary Lyons
  • Mertz
  • Palmer
  • Parrish (3rd & 4th floors)
  • Pittenger
  • Roberts
  • PPR Apartments 
  • Wharton
  • Willets Hall
  • Woolman

  • Worth Hall