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Building Access

You can use your OneCard as a key to access a range of campus buildings. With the exception of some high-traffic buildings, most campus buildings remain locked during the day and require OneCard access. You can check all building lock schedules on the Building Door Schedules link.

Card access is granted based on specific needs (course enrollment, job requirements, residential hall access etc.). You can log in to the OneCard Center to see where your key is enabled. Please note that your room key will not allow you entry into OneCard accessible buildings; you will need to use your OneCard to enter. The Matchbox facility is accessible to students, faculty and staff with your OneCard, though you will first need to complete a waiver form online via MySwarthmore. If your waiver for the Matchbox is up to date, you will not need to fill out an additional form.


Building Access Guidelines

The following campus building access guidelines inform building lock-schedules and building access permissions at the College. If you have any questions, please contact the OneCard Office at

Universal Access | Departmental Access | Requests for Exceptions | Course-Related Access | After-Hours Access for Students | Holiday Break Access

Universal Access 

Upon joining our community, students, faculty, and staff receive universal access to academic and administrative buildings during their open hours. Whether a building is locked or unlocked, you may have access to those buildings with your OneCard. Please keep in mind that, even with universal access, building schedules and access may vary by department and time of year. You can find building hours information here.

Departmental Access 

Faculty and Staff in a specific department may have 24/7 access to their office, labs or classrooms that are outside of the universal access as it described below. You can check your access at the OneCard Center. 

Requests for Campus Buildings Exceptions, Outside of Special Event Requests

We are asking all members of our community to honor these new procedures but recognize that there may be extraordinary circumstances for exceptions. Faculty or staff who seek to change the operating profile for a particular building should send a request to and will be reviewed by the Campus Access Group for a decision. Any request should be approved in advance by your  Vice President or member of the President’s Staff.

Course-Related Access for Students

Before the start of each semester, academic departments are asked to complete a OneCard Access for Courses form to determine the access needs for all students enrolled in their courses. 

Additional After-Hours Access for Students

Requests for student access outside of universal and course access must be evaluated on an individual basis. To make a request, faculty and staff members must complete a OneCard Access Request form. After-hour student access to spaces like labs, classrooms, practice and art studios require faculty and staff permission.  If you are a student who has been granted special access to a space in a building between midnight and 6 a.m., we suggest that you bring a buddy with you. Departmental administrators may also request access to the Access Wizard tool, which allows direct submission of specific access requests, for review by the OneCard office. Please contact for assistance. 

Holiday Break Access

Most campus buildings will be locked during College holidays. Requests for student access to buildings during a holiday break, outside of access to Parrish Hall and their dorm, must be evaluated on an individual basis. To make a request, faculty and staff members must complete a OneCard Access Request form. Please contact for assistance.