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Privacy Policy

Swarthmore College and the OneCard Office follow strict policies with regard to information privacy, and the OneCard system meets the standards of the College's comprehensive data privacy policies. We also encourage you to view our OneCard Employee Agreement. Swarthmore College is committed to advancing the ethical and responsible use of all computing resources. Illegal or improper use could result in disciplinary action.​

The OneCard Office temporarily stores meal swipe, building access, financial, and activity transaction information. This information is secured and protected in accordance with the College’s data privacy policies, and is periodically deleted.

In keeping with its data privacy policies, the College will not use OneCard transactional or access data to monitor individual community members, except in cases of an emergency, or where there is a serious concern for the health, well-being, or safety of a community member. In cases of emergency or serious concern, the Director of Public Safety, in consultation with the appropriate College authorities, may review an individual’s access history for a period limited to the evaluation of the nature of the concern. This process is only used in the rare instance when there is a real and credible concern for the safety and well-being of a community member.  

Individuals may request access to their personal information. Such requests may only be placed in person, at the OneCard office, with valid ID presented. Personal information will never be shared via email or by phone.

If you have further questions or concerns about the OneCard program, you may contact us at 610-328-7362, or