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Room Assignments are Live

The below message was sent by Amanda Atkinson, Director of Residential Communities.


Dear Student,

I hope you are as excited to receive this email as I am to send it to you. Without further ado, your fall room assignment is:

{Hall} {Room}

You can find more information in your Housing Portal including roommate details, building floor plans, bathroom gender designations, and building amenities. Plus, if you aren't following swat_ose on Instagram, start now. You'll see lots of reels of our Room Tour Tuesdays with more to come. Plus some great advice from our resident assistants and orientation leaders. And, of course don't miss all the great info on our website. Remember, if you are having problems logging in to the Housing Portal, please try using our VPN.

We have a wonderful Residential Communities team. You'll meet your resident assistant (RA) when you arrive. In the meantime, your area coordinator (AC) will reach out to you in the next week or so to introduce themselves. The ACs are professional staff members with masters degrees in student affairs or a related field. The AC for {Hall} is {Hall Resident Director}. You can reach out to your AC at {Hall Resident Director Email} with any hall specific questions.

As a reminder most new students will move in on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, between 8:00am and noon. If you will need to travel more than just a few hours to get to campus, you may wish to arrive on the 28th and stay in off-campus lodging. Some general travel information and local accommodation links can be found here. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early arrivals on campus.

Students who are participating in certain pre-orientation programs will be allowed to come to campus prior to new student orientation. Those approved students will receive information directly from the person coordinating their pre-orientation program about move in. If you are part of a pre-orientation program please do not make travel plans until you receive confirmation about your arrival date.

Although it seems like ages from now, please note that residence halls close for the fall semester on December 23. All students will need to depart campus by that date (you don't need to pack up your room, just your suitcase). For a full review of the residence hall opening and closing dates, review our Housing Calendar site. Please feel free to share this information with your family or anyone who might assist you with planning each year. 

We are all very excited to meet you in a few short weeks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your AC or me if you have questions or concerns.