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Orientation - About Us

large group of new students sitting during Orientation session

Orientation is a campus-wide effort involving students, faculty and staff.

The student Orientation Committee is comprised of approximately 10 current students in volunteer roles, and is led by two current students in paid roles. The Committee is open to applications from all students and the selection process occurs in the Spring Semester. Contact Andrew Barclay (Director of Student Activities) for more info.

The Orientation Steering Committee is comprised of Andrew Barclay (Director of Student Activities), Dean Karen Henry (Dean of First-Year Students and Director of First-Gen and Low-Income Student Initiatives) and Dean Liz Derickson (Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs). Please contact us with questions or ideas.

Accessibility: We make Orientation handouts and presentations available to all new students in accessible electronic formats in advance. All videos must be captioned. The deadline for uploading your Orientation documents to our Google Drive for LPAC sessions is August 15.

Sustainability: We strive for Orientation to be a Zero-Waste program, and we aim to minimize the use of paper handouts. All new students will receive a set of re-usable bamboo food utensils on Move-In Day.