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2021 Fall Arrival

Returning student move-in for the Fall 2021 term has been set for Friday, August 27 - Sunday, August 29, 2021.  Please read through the important information below about returning to campus. All information provided below is tentative, and dependent upon the trajectory of the COVID-19 virus. For the most up-to-date information please check the College's COVID19 website.

Class of 2025 and new transfer students:  If you are arriving on regular move-in day (August 24, 2021), please take a moment and use this form to sign-up for a move-in registration time.

You may move in at any point between 8am and 12pm on Tuesday, August 24th.  We ask that you select a time so that we can best plan for your arrival but you should feel free to select the time that best works for you and your family.    You will be able to move-in directly to your residence hall and we will have volunteers who can help assist you with moving your items into your room.  Students are allowed to bring guests to assist them with move-in and at this time we anticipate that masked guests can enter your residence hall room to help you get settled. Please note that all guests will be expected to abide by the College's COVID polices at the time of arrival.  As we continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus, guidance on masking and entering residential buildings is subject to change.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we prepare for your arrival, and understand that we may need to limit guests physically going into the residence halls if local or state guidance requires that.
New students who are approved 'early arrival' students should have already received date confirmation information from their sponsors, and we ask that you confirm that by also selecting 'approved early arrival' on the Early Arrival Form.  This form is ONLY for new students (Class of 2025 and Transfers). Fall 2021 early arrival students include: Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Cross Country, International students, S3P participants, and students participating in the Bi-College Social Justice Training Institute. 


Class of 2024, 2023, 2022: Please use this link to sign-up for a move-in reservation before August 23, 2021:

  • All students must sign-up for a move-in reservation using this form
    • Early return students do not sign up for a move-in reservation time.
    • Please consult with your early return sponsors to confirm your move-in dates and times. 
    • Roommates and suitemates do not need to sign up for the same or a similar move-in date and time. 
  • At this time, we anticipate that students will be allowed to have 2 guests assist them with moving items into their rooms. 
    • This is subject to change depending on local guidelines with respect to the COVID19 pandemic. 
    • Guests must follow College Visitor Protocols.
  • Meal plans begin the day you move on to campus 

A special note for 'early return' students:  a number of programs may require students to arrival earlier than the regularly scheduled move-in date for your class. Please be in direct contact with your sponsor if you have questions about your scheduled return date.  Please note that not all previous early return programs will return early in the Fall 2021, in order to help ensure COVID Compliance as we return to a fully residential campus.  Please note that only directly sponsored students will be able to return early. All other students must return during their scheduled move-in date and time.