Arts in Action

Arts in Action brings together artists, students, faculty, and staff to engage with the arts for building community and to explore creative and transformative possibilities at the individual and community level. Through collaborative, cross-cultural immersion, our projects build access to the arts for underserved communities, creating awareness, networks, and advocacy. The central goal is to broaden the meaning of the arts and create a space for it in diverse contexts as teachers, students, and activists. This initiative is directed by Associate Professor of Dance Pallabi Chakravorty.


Relevant Faculty at Swarthmore 

  • Baki Mani
  • Désirée Díaz
  • Ron Tarver 
  • Paloma Checa-Gismero 
  • Patricia White 

Other Relevant Resources 


Relevant Courses at Swarthmore:

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Pallabi Chakravorty

Pallabi Chakravorty

Professor , Chair, Stephen Lang Professor of Performing Arts
Music & Dance
Lang Performing Arts Center 004