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Transgender and Nonbinary Resources

transgender flag and asexual flag colors

As Swarthmore College and the Intercultural Center continue to think through the experiences of LGBTQ+ students on campus, we continue to see a need for education, information, and resources to assist in bettering these experiences.  Below are some specific areas we want to lift up as resources for transgender and nonbinary students. 

  • Passport Assistance
    From the U.S. Department of State, find specific information about change of gender marker on a passport.
  • Guide to Legally Changing Your Name and Gender Marker in PA [pdf]
    Find information about what actions you need to take to change your legal name or gender marker, including templates of the letters you will need from physicians and/or mental health providers.
  • What about the memo?
    A recent memo issued from the Department of Health & Human Services, released by the New York Times, stated the Department’s intent to solely define sex as either male or female based on biological traits defined by or prior to birth. What does this mean now and in the future?  
  • Name Change Policy
    Swarthmore College offers support for name changes including the use of a chosen name. Swarthmore College recognizes that some students may choose to use a name other than their legal name to identify themself.  Find out more information about this process. 
  • For Your Information [pdf]
    Utilize this one page pdf document with helpful information around what student insurance covers, what you need for identification changes, and funding assistance. If there is any information not included on this page that you feel would be helpful in navigating your experience as a transgender or nonbinary person on campus, please reach out to Paige Jennings at