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Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Gender inclusive bathrooms are bathrooms that people of any gender or gender identity may use. Swarthmore is working to make sure that everybody has a choice in each building. In addition to the administrative and academic buildings listed below, all residence halls also include gender inclusive bathrooms.

Building Location
101 S. Chester Road 2 on 2nd, 4 on 3rd and 4th floors
Beardsley 2 on 2nd floor near 217
Benjamin West House (Public Safety) 1 in main lobby (accessible)
Black Cultural Center (Robinson House)

2 on main level (accessible); 1 on 2nd floor; 1 on 3rd floor

Bond Hall Off of main floor, nr. Beit Midrash (accessible); 2 on lower level
Clothier Hall 2nd floor rear near elevator (accessible)
Cloisters In IC on Mezzanine
Cornell Library 2nd floor rear near elevator (accessible)
Cunningham House 1 on main floor rear through kitchen
Dining Center 10 single-user restrooms on first floor  (accessible)
InterCenter (Sproul Hall) 105A, 106 (accessible)
Kitao Student Art Gallery 2nd floor
Kohlberg Hall 2 on first floor near 117 (2 accessible)
Lamb-Miller Field House Near hospitality room 120 (accessible)
Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility 2 on main floor on east side behind seminar room (accessible); 2 on 2nd floor west side
Lang Music Building 2 on lower level (accessible); 1 on level 3 near concert hall entrance in lobby (accessible)
Lang Performing Arts Center 1 in main lobby (accessible)
Martin Hall 1 near department office on main level (accessible)
Matchbox 4 on lower level, one with shower; 3 in training area; one near theatre rehearsal space (all accessible)
McCabe Library 2 on level 2 (1 accessible)
Mullan Tennis Center 2 in rear of 1st floor with showers (accessible)
Old Tarble 1 on main level in book arts classroom (accessible); 2 on lower level
Olde Club 1 on stairway landing
Parrish Hall 2 on lower level in center (accessible)
Pearson Hall

2 on garden level (accessible); 1 on first floor (accessible); 1 on 2nd floor (accessible)

Science Center

2 on lower level in physics wing with showers (accessible); 1 on 2nd floor in computer science wing 237; 1 on 3rd floor near telescope 302 (accessible)

Service Building 1 on main floor (accessible)
Singer Hall

Lower Level:  6, including 2 accessible

First Floor:  1 (accessible)

Second Floor:  9, including 3 accessible

Third Floor: 1 (accessible)

Fourth Floor:  8, including 2 accessible

Title IX House Main floor
Trotter Hall

2 on ground floor (accessible); 2 on 3rd floor (accessible), all in Atrium

Ware Pool 1 on pool deck level at bottom of stairs; 1 in each locker room (accessible)
Wister Center 2 on main floor (accessible)
Women's Resource Center 1 on ground level (accessible)
Worth Health Center 2 in main waiting room; 2 in treatment area; 2 in CAPS (all accessible)