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Department Overview

"The future of our democracy depends upon our ability to create inclusive and equitable communities to which everyone is invited to contribute their ideas, gifts and enthusiasms."
President Valerie Smith

Valerie Smith

"Campuses such as ours must ensure that all who live and work here — whatever their ethnic, racial or socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs — feel that their experiences and perspectives are valued and respected. We will never agree on everything, but all of us must learn from one another how to express dissent, to acknowledge and navigate conflict, and to work alongside those with whom we might vehemently disagree. For true engagement to occur, not only must we respect and value difference but we must allow ourselves to be changed in the encounter with it."

excerpt from President Valerie Smith's inaugural address

Swarthmore Joins Brief Opposing Supreme Court Challenge to Use of Race in College Admissions

Swarthmore, along with more than 30 other private, highly selective liberal arts institutions, filed an amicus brief opposing a Supreme Court challenge to how race is used in college admissions. The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, was filed on behalf of a white student who believes she was denied admission on the basis of race. More than 70 briefs have been filed supporting the university.


imagINe project

The imagINe project was created from a Community Development Grant to offer faculty, staff and students an opportunity to use their voices to inspire others about the impact each of us can make in the world. The project provides a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the individuals of the Swarthmore community.


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving at Swarthmore takes many forms, but the common thread is community.


Ensuring Access for All

“Ensuring that a Swarthmore education is accessible for all qualified students without regard to their ability to pay is among my highest priorities,” says President Valerie Smith. Learn more about the College's commitment to access and aid

A student presents his research

Project Blueprints Named Top Youth Empowerment Program in Country

Recognizing that success and the rich collaborations within the program, the federal Office of Minority Health named Project Blueprints as the most outstanding Youth Empowerment Program in the country.

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