Intercultural Center

Conversations of CARE International Students and Swarthmore 11/13 at 1:00pm Politics of Identity 11/14 at ​7:00pm C​ode Switching 11/14 at 8:30pm Students & Immigration 11/16 at 4:00pm Colorism 11/17 at 3:00pm Multi-Identities and Representation 11/17 at 4:00pm Queer Women of Color 11/18 at 11:00am HIV & AIDS Resources 11/19 at 1:00pm Mental Health and Wellness 11/19 at 7:00pm

As part of our work in the Intercultural Center this year, our intern team would like to invite the campus community to a series of conversations about topics around which we would like to foster dialogue.  These conversations will be facilitated by various IC interns during their office hours in the IC Big Room.  




The Intercultural Center (IC) provides programs and services that support the personal and intellectual development of Asian American, LatinX, Multiracial, Native American, Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), low-income, international, and first-generation college students at Swarthmore College. In addition, the IC promotes systemic change toward a multicultural perspective across the institution, and fosters community-building and collaboration among diverse groups both within and outside of the college.