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Student Research Support

Taiko performs at the East Coast Taiko conference spring 2020

Joe Small with Taiko students performing at the Spring 2020 East Coast Taiko conference hosted by the University of Connecticut.

Along with the College, the Dance program offers a range of opportunities outside the classroom to support our students’ development as performers, writers, and educators.

REsearch Grants

Humanities Grants are available through several areas of research depending on your curricular focus.


Summer research funding is available in several areas for both on and off campus projects.

Travel and Conference Funds

Students are eligible for travel funding for conferences outside the scope of academic programming.

For more information about applications and eligibility, consult with a faculty advisor.

Past Examples of Student Projects Funded by the Dance Program and/or the ARTS & Humanities Division:

Grace Capossela ‘25, Northwest Dance Project
Caroline Eagly Cummings ‘24, literature review for senior thesis and classes at Steps NYC
Max Winig ‘24, American Dance Festival
Jinny Yoon ‘24, American Ballet Theatre Collegiate Intensive Program
Louisa Carman ‘21, The Cambrians Intensive
Lia D’Alessandro ‘21, American Ballet Theatre Collegiate Intensive Program
Sophie Gray-Gaillard ‘20, Hubbard Street Dance Los Angeles Intensive, The Cambrians Intensive
Rachel Isaacs-Falbel ‘19, Internship with Boston Ballet, archival research at Rockefeller Foundation, and literature review for senior thesis
Marion Kudla ‘19, volunteering at Garma Festival of Traditional Cultures
Amelia Estrada ‘17, American Dance Festival, Doug Varone and Dancers Intensive, School of Toronto Dance Theatre