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Doug Varone and Dancers Residency


This residency brings together award­ winning choreographer Doug Varone, his company of dancers, and Swarthmore dance students in a weeklong residency of classes, discussion, and performance. Twelve students will have the opportunity to share the stage with the company in the culminating performance. The Varone company will perform Lux (2006). The Washington Post describes Lux as, "Luxuriant. Lux is all about freedom. It is what dancing really feels like, the kind of dancing I might dream about: loose and sweeping in a spirit of exultation. Varone puts the beating heart at the center of his work. Lux sates you with dancing, but you're still reluctant to leave the feast."

The students will join the company for "Mass" *, from their celebrated work in the shelter of the fold (2016). According to a recent review of the work from Broadway World, "Doug Varone and Dancers' in the shelter of the fold is a transcendent and transfixing inquiry into public and private relationships to faith through seven vignettes that intermingled fluidly. It would be nearly impossible not to walk away without feeling inspired, uplifted, and moved on a deeper spiritual level."

Doug Varone and Dancers continues to be among the most sought after ambassadors and educators in the field. The company's multidiscipline residency programs take audiences deeper into the work, with a hands on approach that moves beyond the studio to speak directly to people of all ages and backgrounds, both dancers and nondancers alike.

*The performance of “Mass” is presented by arrangement with Dova Inc., Doug Varone and Dancers; choreography by Doug Varone.

Master class
Monday, Nov. 11, 6:15–9:15 p.m.
Clothier Hall, Upper Tarble
Dance ensemble student rehearsal of “Mass” with Doug Varone

Master class
Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2:40–4:30 p.m.
Lang Performing Arts Center,
Boyer Dance Studio
Open level contemporary modern technique class with Doug Varone and Dancers

Master class
Wednesday, Nov. 13, 4:30–6 p.m.
Lang Performing Arts Center, Troy Dance Lab
Dance composition class with Doug Varone and Dancers

Friday, Nov. 15, 8 p.m.
Lang Performing Arts Center, Pearson–Hall Theatre
Doug Varone and Dancers