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Performing is a central aspect of the Swarthmore Dance Department experience. A wide variety of venues for performance exist: both formal and informal, on stages and in alternate spaces, live choreography as well as choreography mediated by computer animation and videography. Many styles are represented in all Department opportunities including: African, Ballet, Improvisation, Kathak, Modern, Taiko, Tap, and Yoga along with master classes in other techniques.  Each year guest artist choreographers augment the offerings directed by regular faculty and students (who may be majors, minors, or simply students with an interest in making dances as part of their curricular work).

Six to seven repertory courses are offered each year in the styles listed above. Some of those courses are geared toward the beginning student while others are restricted to those with previous experience in a style. Each year, five to seven curricular performances take place. In addition to rotating repertory experiences, the Department also has three continuing groups: The Dance and Drum Ensemble, Taiko Repertory, and Gamelan Semara Santi.

Dance Concerts: Performance Highlights

Taiko dancers with drums

Taiko. Fall 2019.

Photo by by Steve Weinik
Kathak dancer in contemporary dress

Kathak.  Spring 2017.

Photo by by Sasha Fornari

Ballet. Spring 2018.

Photo by by Sasha Fornari

African. Fall 2018.

Choreography by Christopher K. Morgan and Artists. Fall 2018.

Photo by by Sasha Fornari
A ballet dancer in releve, blue costume

Ballet Pointe and Partnering, GISELLE. Fall 2018.

Photo by by Sasha Fornari
Tap dancers in star wars costumes

Tap. Fall 2019.

Photo by by Steve Weinik
Dancers leaping across a dark stage

Choreography with Doug Varone and dancers. Fall 2019.

Photo by by Steve Weinik
A modern dancer with a red skirt and red backdrop

Modern. Fall 2017.

Photo by by David Tavani

Taiko. Fall 2019.

Photo / by Steve Weinik
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